Wishing you a colourful Holiday!

Lower Primary Blog

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from Lower Primary!

This past two months has flown by and the children have been very busy improving their mathematical skills, becoming more independent with their literacy time and learning about colour during our IPC.

Year 1 have been busy using new strategies for addition, skip counting by 2s and 10s and exercising their brains by using logic puzzles and thinking problems. Year 2 have been learning about 2-digit numbers, near doubles and learning new methods to help them add and subtract.

The children are enjoying becoming more independent with their Daily 5 activities and can now Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing and complete Word Work activities to become better readers and writers. They have been writing about their weekends and doing creative writing about Autumn leaves and using new colour words to describe what they have seen during their IPC unit, Art:Colour. They wrote and performed colour poetry inspired by Christina Rosetti’s poem ‘What is Pink?’. You can see listen and enjoy your child’s work on Seesaw.

The children had an opportunity to present their learning about light to the school during assembly and did a fantastic job! They presented facts about light and performed a book called ‘Flash and Gleam’. They then continued their learning through our new IPC unit Art: Colour.
During our Entry Point and Knowledge Harvest we explored line, colour and shape around the school and brainstormed different colour words to describe colours that we already know. We learnt about Mondrian’s, Matisse’s and Kusama’s artwork and created our own art inspired by theirs. The children learnt about primary, secondary and tertiary colours on the colour wheel and how to mix them, create tints and use complementary colours to create interesting effects.

Today we say a big thank you and goodbye to our Erasmus intern Ms Estela. She has a fantastic assistant to the teachers and the students over the last few months and we will miss her! We wish her every success on her way to becoming a teacher.

Although we’ve had to get used to some new covid restrictions we’ve also had a term full of celebrations! We celebrated Kezhen, Samuel and Laura’s birthdays as well as Diwali, Hanukkah, Sint Niklaas and now Christmas!

The children worked very hard preparing their Christmas dance '12 days of Christmas' We hope you will enjoy it! 

We wish you and your families all a safe, relaxing and wonderful holiday break and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!