A wonderful start in Upper Pre-Primary!

 A very warm welcome to the new children who have joined our school this year – Caius, Marina, Yousef and Sanvi. What a great start we have had in Upper pre-primary!  All the children are settling in very well and are making friends. To begin the year, we had a little mini project all about ‘Apples’. The children learnt about the parts of a tree, their functions and the life cycle of an apple tree. They painted apple trees, tasted different varieties of apples, made apple sauce and learnt a poem about an apple tree.

Last week we began our first IPC unit ‘All about me’. We kicked off to a great start with our ‘Entry Point’. The children came to school wearing their favourite clothes and favourite colours and brought their favourite toy to school! When they arrived in the morning they put on their very special crown which they had prepared the day before. The children showed respect as they listened to each other talking about their toy. They were very happy to share different information about their toys. They learned more about each other and what they enjoyed playing with. The children drew their favourite toy even though it was a bit tricky! We had a very healthy and tasty snack with all the children’s favourite food. It was a pleasure to see the children eating so well and sharing so nicely. We came together with Lower and Middle Pre-Primary and played games and sang songs! It was a super fun morning! This week we have been learning all about self-portraits and portraits. The children have learnt how to draw a self-portrait. The results are fantastic! They have also learnt about famous artists who painted self-portraits and portraits. They were particularly interested in the self-portraits of Frida Kahlo.

Alongside this work, the children have also learnt our first personal value ‘respect’- what it means and how to show it! I am very glad to see the children are trying hard to use good manners and be respectful.

We also celebrated Marina and Vincent’s birthdays with delicious cakes. Congratulations to them both!

In numeracy the children have been very busy, practising counting and writing their numerals. In literacy they have just completed the first group of letters from the Jolly Phonics book 1 – (s, a, t, i, p, n). Next week we will practice further with these sounds and do lots of exercises.

On Thursday we shared our learning about ‘apples’ during the school assembly, we also sang our lovey ‘peace song’. Congratulations to everyone! This week we also celebrated ‘international peace day’ with the whole school. Each class made a peace chain which was joined together to form an enormous chain of peace!  On that note I would like to wish you all a very peaceful weekend! See you on Monday!