Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Inbal & Ms.Anne

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas everyone!

Hello dear parents,

Time goes fast and here we are with the last blog for 2021!

Since the start of the school year the children in Lower Pre-Primary have grown so much. They have become more confident and independent, to share and support their friends, and they can now express themselves in English! . All the children are so happy to come to school and enjoy learning.  We are very proud of them!

Over the last few weeks we have been busy playing, singing, laughing and learning. Our IPC unit was called ‘Transport’ and our ‘entry point’ was quite an adventure! We all went on the tram to the main station in Gent to look at some trains! We were lucky to meet a train conductor and then we looked at the beautiful ceiling of the old station. To end our visit we enjoyed a hot chocolate in the station café.  What a fun day it was! Thanks again to the parent helpers who made our trip possible.

Throughout our IPC unit we discussed everything to do with transport and moving from one place to another! We looked at pictures and photos of aeroplanes, boats, buses, cars, bicycles, motorcycles and  much more! We then sorted the vehicles into groups, thinking carefully if they travel through air, water or land. We looked at all the different shapes of the vehicles and counted the wheels, windows and passengers.

For our ‘exit point’ the children were allowed to bring their own bicycle or scooter to school. It was so nice to cycle in the playground! Later, that day, we had our sport lesson and we enjoyed playing the ’green light, red light game’. We even cycled to Ms Maija's office to show her our bikes!

Once Autumn arrived we noticed all the leaves falling from the trees. We had a lot of fun gathering all the leaves together! We sorted the leaves according to size and colour and made beautiful crafts and funny hats with them! We enjoyed singing Autumn songs - the ‘Grey Squirrel’ song was our favourite!

Early November we celebrated Ella's birthday and had a lot of fun! Sweet Ella turned 3 and we wish her all the best. Thank you for the delicious cupcakes!

Then the Christmas season arrived so we created a cosy corner with a fireplace in our classroom. We used a variety of materials to make our own decorations and we created a magical atmosphere.

To finish off the term we had an ‘end of the year’ party in our class. Ms Laura and Ms Anne brought some yummy treats to school, and we danced and sang songs together and then watched a funny movie. It was a great way to end our week and to start the holiday. Before the children went on their holiday a special surprise arrived in the class - a Christmas cupcake and a glittery rose. Was it secret Santa? Or maybe it was Ms Inbal… :)

It is time for us to say goodbye to Miss Laura. As from January, she will be assisting in Upper Pre-primary. We will miss her a lot in our class. Miss Laura was a fantastic class assistant and a loving teacher to the children! We want to thank her for all the love and support, and we wish her the best of luck in the future.

Merry Christmas dear families! May the New Year bring you love, health and happiness.

Enjoy the holidays and we will see you in 2022!

Love Ms Inbal, Ms Anne and Ms Laura.



It's a song about me, It's a song about my individuality...

Dear parents,

Welcome to the Lower Pre-Primary blog!  We hope you have had a lovely Autumn holiday and that you are all ready to come back to school.

Time flies when you are busy and enjoy what you do, and so the first two months of this school year have already passed! The children in Lower Pre-Primary have been busy learning, creating, and adjusting to our school.

This year we have an amazing group of 15 sweet children from all around the world. We have started the year by getting to know each other, the daily routine, and our class rules. We have learned how to play together, how to wait patiently for our turn, how to be more independent and kinder to each other.

We are so proud of our group who have already grown a lot over the last 8 weeks. Communicating with new friends without speaking the same language is a big challenge, however the children have left us speechless many times! They continually show us (the teachers) how pure, kind, sensitive, respectful, and supportive little people can be.

The children are developing different skills such as listening to each other, working as a team, being thoughtful and they have also worked on their fine and gross motor skills.

Our first IPC unit of work called ‘All about me’ was the perfect theme to start the year - we were super curious to know more about each other.

Our ‘entry point’ was a big success. Thank you, dear parents, for your cooperation. We had a lovely party! Each child showed us their favorite toy or book and shared their favorite snack. During the last few weeks we have read many stories related to our topic, sung lots of songs and used different skills to create beautiful art. Through this art, the children learned about their favorite colours, animals, food and so much more. We now know from which country we all come from and the size of our hands and feet! The children know how many eyes, ears, arms, and fingers they have and they know how to count to ten!

Every day we have discovered another piece of the ‘All about me’ puzzle and we enjoyed it so much! For our ‘exit point’ we hung all the art pieces that we made and admired our own littel art gallery! The children had so much fun telling their friends about themselves and were super proud to receive the ‘all about me’ champion medal!

We also celebrated Santi and Philipp’s birthday. They both turned three years old and we wish them all the best!

Last week was all about Halloween! We decorated our class with some spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, and bats. We had a great Halloween party! It was the perfect way to end our week and to start the mid-term break.

Autumn wishes to you all.


Miss Inbal, Miss Anne and Miss Laura.



Summer time!

Dear parents,

It was an honor to work with your children and see how much they have learnt and grown this year. Every child is so unique and special and together they were such a fun group. I really enjoyed singing, playing and doing art activities with them. It is amazing to see how much each child can grow in a year and learn how to express themselves, become more independent, ask clever questions, share and work so well as a team.  I am very proud of them all!

 I wish you all a lovely summer holiday, enjoy your families, your friends and the weather. We will meet again next school year with lots of great new activities. To those families who are leaving us, I wish the best of luck in your new adventure, we will miss you at ISG. Take care and lots of love,

 Miss Inbal.


Dear parents,

It has been lovely sharing this spring term with your children seeing them evolve, taking more responsibility and becoming more independent. Some of my favorite moments were when we played in the jungle dressed up as animals during our animal unit. Another nice moment was helping your children do papier-mâché for the first time. It was a very messy and fun experience both for them and me. Another nice moment was being a part of renewing our playground and then seeing the smile on all your children’s faces when they came to school the next day.

I wish you all a lovely summer holiday! For those families leaving us, I wish you all the best!

With kind regards,

Mr Michael


Dear parents,

What a fun school year we have had! We started with a small group and have grown to a class with 12 fantastic children! I have so enjoyed working with all of them!

We learned so much: how to respect each other and the material we use, learning to share, waiting turns and making the right choice.

I also want to thank you for the trust you have given us to guide and coach your child to become a good person. What a fantastic job they have done! You can all be proud of your child, each with their own personalities and talents. And so are we!

I wish you a wonderful holiday and we'll see each other again next school year for new challenges and fun play moments.

Big hugs,

Miss Anne




Dear parents

It has been lots of fun to be back at ISG. We started this new year with the very fun animal unit. This unit has given the children a lot of roleplaying in our jungle and in the sports hall with Mr Francis. We have been practicing a lot of fun songs about animals during this period and I hope you have heard some at home. We have been practicing our vocabulary through stories about animals and using pictures of animals for sorting and matching. Crafts has been a big part of the animal unit. Exploring different animals and their features. I am not the only new addition to our lovely Lower Pre-Primary group. We also welcomed Milanka, Joon Hu and Noee to our family.

The Pre-Primary playground has gotten two new pedagogical features to play with. Both are to stimulate learning through play. We have the lovely willow hut with its tunnel to stimulate those imaginary games and the mud kitchen where the children can experiment with water and sand.

Aura from Upper Pre-Primary came to read a story for us, this was very appreciated! During this period, we also had four children who turned three years old! So, a big congratulations to Finn, Thibeau, Yuval and Lucas.

 We wish you a lovely Krokusvakantie!,


 Mr. Michael and Miss Anne

Houses and Homes

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the LPP blog! We have had a lovely start to the new school year and we are happy to share some of the highlights with you.

This year we have a group of 7 sweet children who come from Poland, India, Israel, Belgium, Mexico and Brazil.

At the beginning of September, we got to know each other and the daily routine. We have been playing, singing, painting and learning how to tidy-up. The children are realising how nice it is to work together as a team!

The children have been practicing their fine motor skills by making beautiful personal books. They drew their own portrait picture, stuck photos of their new friends and painted a picture of a school bag with their favourite colour.

When the children felt more confident in class, it was time to have the ‘entry point’ to our first IPC unit called ‘Houses and Homes’.

We went on a treasure hunt in the forest (Primary playground). All children were so excited to find a big box full of colourful keys. Each child received a key to open a special door. Behind each door, was a photo of the child’s real home. The children had the cutest faces when they saw these photos.  

During this unit we created a big house corner. Together we decorated a sign to our new home and enjoyed playing in there. The children made many meals, took care of the baby dolls, talked on the phone and typed on a keyboard, pretending they were mom and dad.

We read lovely stories about houses and homes and learnt new songs. We have been playing with shapes, counting, and sorting them out. We talked about the rooms we have in a house and what do we do in each room. We looked at photos of different types of houses and we pointed out the roof, windows, walls, and the door of each house. We talked about opposites (big /small, soft/hard, short/tall) and we played a game sorting houses by their size.

We read the book of ‘The three little pigs’ and were very curious about touching and feeling straw, sticks and bricks. We pretended we were the big bad wolf from the story and we huffed and puffed at the different materials to see what happens…

The children worked so well together and made the house of straw, the house of sticks and the house of bricks so we could act out the story. It was a lot of fun!

To end this lovely unit, we made beautiful home signs from clay and a gingerbread house. We had a little party together with Upper Pre-Primary. It was so nice to see the lovely show performed by the older children and to eat the sweet gingerbread house.

The last week of the term was all about Halloween, we made many arts and crafts - friendly ghosts, smiley spiders and pumpkins.   We tried on different costumes and read some Halloween books. On Friday we celebrated together with the whole school, such a nice way to finish the week, dancing and walking on the red carpet with our costumes.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the time with your families and the beautiful Autumn colours. See you after the break.

Miss Inbal and Miss Anne.  

Clothes, clothes and more clothes!

Hello everybody,

LPP had a wonderful start to the new year . A big welcome to 2 new friends, Hargun and Jonathan. We are so happy to have you in our class!

Kasper, the beaver, made a visit to our class and brought his book to read.

Kasper’s apron is completely ruined and he wants to make a new one. We helped him choose the right color and pattern. We also found out which materials he uses to make it. This was a good way to introduce our new IPC unit “Clothes”.

We started with a grand entry point: the parade.  All the pre-primairy children showed their outfits to each other. Our class also came up to the front of the parade to tell the audience their name and which country they are from. I was so proud of them!

The next day we found a pile of clothes in our classroom! They really needed sorting. We sorted them according to colour,size and pegged the clothes on a line. Then we pinned numbers on the clothes in the right order.

On odd sock day we looked for matching socks and came up with funny variations.

We talked about our own clothes, what we like and dislike. We came to the conclusion that there are so many clothes! There is a difference in jackets, sweaters,pants,dresses. Some are thick, some are long or short.

The changing of the climate and  seasons make us choose different kinds of clothes. We looked for clothes we can wear in winter, summer,when it is raining,snowing and so on. There were a few different opinions what to wear in these changing circumstances.

But do they know where the clothes come from? The answer was:” from  mammy”.

By touching and feeling different fabrics the children learnt that there are soft and harder fabrics.  We named them linnen,wool and silk. The children were fascinated to see in a short movie how sheep are shaved.

We also discussed where to go shopping for clothes. They had a lot of stories so we decided to invent our own clothes shop. In the shop  you could not only buy clothes but also accesories.

Eventually the shop expanded with a hair and beauty salon. What a great imagination the children have! It was amazing to observe them while they were playing and having so much fun.  

By reading the story” The emperor’s new clothes “ was a good way to create our own puppet show. We made a small theatre and  acted out the story with finger puppets. Then the children started to invent new stories by using other puppets. It was so funny!

For exit point there was a visit of the police who came in a real police car.After listening to police stories the highlight was definitely a visit in the police car.

The police woman was so nice and impressed by the good manners of the children that one by one they were allowed to press the button to switch on the lights and the sirene. The look on their faces was super. After a highfive to the police we went back to the classroom.

During the unit there was time to create some nice art and craft works and of course time for a lot of playing!!

The children learnt some new songs like ‘In winter I put on my jacket…’, ‘miss Polly had a dolly’, I am a little penguin’, 5 monkeys swinging on a tree’ and so on.

In February we celebrated Luigi’s 4th birthday. It is always nice to celebrate with our class!

I could write so much more but the photos speak for themselves.

I feel priviliged to have the opportunity to work and play with your children. They are really amazing!

I wish you all a lovely holiday!


Miss Anne










All about food

Dear Families and Friends, welcome back to our blog!

Over the last few weeks, LPP were having fun learning about food. We started our topic with a lovely visit to the local bakery, ‘Broko’. Eitam, the owner, gave us a special tour, explaining us all about baking bread and cakes. The children were amazed by the size of the mixer and the oven at the bakery, they touched and smelled the yeast and enjoyed eating delicious fresh bread and a cake.

Inspired by the visit at the bakery, we created our own bakery in class. We made salt dough cookies and painted a big box to create a big oven. The children had lots of fun playing in the bakery, mixing ingredients, baking, eating, selling and buying pastries and bread.

We read lovely stories about food and talked about healthy and unhealthy eating. We really liked the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. We counted fruits and vegetables and sorted them by size and by colour. We made masks of caterpillars and butterflies which we used for acting out the story.

It was very exciting to bake our own bread in class and to squeeze oranges for making fresh orange juice. The children sowed cress seeds and were responsible for watering them. They were delighted to see the sprouts and they all tasted the cress but decided it was a bit too bitter for them.

To celebrate the end of our ‘Food unit’ We had a fun ‘Exit point’. We made our own special pizza! After making the dough together, the children could choose their favorite toppings and we all went to the kitchen to put the pizza in the oven. We had a small party dancing and singing songs about food, then we ate our delicious pizza. All the children were so happy and proud! Well done everyone!

The last two weeks were all about Christmas. Painting Christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen, singing songs and practicing for the Christmas show.  It was so nice to celebrate together, and we were very proud of our five little snowmen.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy your family and friends and we will meet again in 2020.


Family and Friends

Lower Pre-Primary had lots of fun learning about ‘Family and Friends. We have been talking about the pattern of our day and made zigzag books in which we recorded four activities that we do every morning. We went outside to collect leaves, sticks and acorns and together we made a beautiful natural pattern. We sang a song about activities that we do every day such as eating breakfast, brushing our teeth, taking a bath and getting dressed. The children were excited to give a real bath to our baby dolls! They washed them with soap and water and dried them up with a towel. They even read them a story before putting them to sleep.  

We learned about the differences between small and tall by sorting photos and objects into their groups. We also measured the children in LPP and saw who is the smallest and the tallest child in class. We read a book about different types of families and talked about how our school is also like a family with new friends and people who help and care about us. It inspired us to make beautiful cards to our friends at ISG. It was great fun visiting our friends and giving them the little present we made. We have been looking at animal families and the names of their babies. The children enjoyed matching pictures of the animal mothers with their babies.

To end our unit, we had a lovely exit point. The children made yummy snacks and decorated invitations for Mum and Dad to meet our ‘class family’.

This month, we celebrated Marco’s third birthday. Marco was very excited to share his beautiful and delicious birthday cake with his friends. Thank you, sweet Marco, we wish you all the best!

Our last week was all about Halloween. We have made friendly ghosts out of autumn leaves, painted pumpkins and made handprint spiders. We sang songs and read stories for Halloween and ended the week with a wonderful ‘Halloween Party’.

Have a lovely holiday everyone. Enjoy time spent with family and friends and we will see you all in November.

Ms. Inbal and Ms. Anne


Starting with a smile

Dear Families,

We have had a lovely start to the new school year in LPP. A warm welcome to Alba, Anshika, Bruno, Luigi and Marco - we are so happy to have you at ISG.

We have spent the first weeks of school getting to know each other and the classroom routines. We have focused on playing and working together as a team. We are learning how to share, co-operate and respect each other.

We all enjoyed celebrating Alba’s birthday. Congratulations sweet Alba and thank you for the yummy butterfly sandwiches.

We had a fun ‘entry point’ to our first IPC unit called ‘family and friends’. The children were very excited to show a photo of their family and some objects they brought from their house. Together we created a cozy home in class. The children enjoyed playing there pretending they were a family.

We have talked about members of our family and about things that we like to do with them. We counted how many people live in our house and how many boys and girls we have in our family. Each child made a portrait of their family and together we painted a beautiful family tree.

We enjoyed singing songs and listening to stories about different families and we played some fun games pretending we were mums, dads, grandparents and babies.

We are very proud of the LPP group and are ready for some more fun learning activities, creating and playing together.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Miss Inbal and Miss Anne.






Treasure and summer time!

The end of the year has arrived, our twelve sweet pupils have learnt so much and became more independent, confident and communicative. It was a true pleasure to watch them learn and grow and we are very proud of each one of them.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about treasure and pirates. We started the topic with a lovely ‘entry point’, searching for a hidden treasure. We worked as a team and looked for some clues until we found the treasure box filled with jewels.

We played many games pretending we were pirates, and by doing so we improved our motor skills. We read books about pirates, sang songs and created our own special treasure chest. It was loads of fun to count pirates and to paint ships, parrots and swords.

For our ‘exit point’ we had a great morning, cutting tropical fruits and having a lovely picnic at sun, pretending we were living on an island.   

We have been learning about summer season and talked about things that we like to do in the summer. We painted the sun, the ocean, and many fish. We really enjoyed playing with water and sand.  

To celebrate the end of the school year, we went for the first time to a real swimming pool! We had the best time, splashing water and playing together.  A special thank you to Maria, Luigi’s mum, for coming along with us.

In addition, we celebrated Alexander’s birthday. Congratulation for turning four and thank you for the delicious cake!

Finally, we would like to wish you all a wonderful summer! Enjoy your family, your friends and the sunny weather!

Dear LPP pupils, best of luck and many great moments in school next year, 

To our sweet Takumi, have fun in Boston and all the best to you and to your family. We will miss you.

Lots of love,

Miss Inbal, Miss Anne and Miss Yaiza.