General news

International Festival 2019

International Festival 2019 was another great event where our school community could share, celebrate and enjoy the cultural diversity that we love at ISG. All children from 2.5 yrs to 12 yrs old performed musical items from around the world. Then with the help of so many parents we enjoyed a banquet of food from every corner of the globe! Thank you to all the parents who came together to make the event possible. 

Learning outside of the classroom!

At ISG we believe that class trips are an important aspect of our curriculum. A visit to a museum, art gallery, a farm or just the local bakery - can all become memorable experiences for the children while reinforcing learning that has taken place in the classroom. Class trips are engaging, relevant and meaningful as they always relate to what we are learning about as part of our topics of work. And most of all, they are fun!

It takes a village to raise a child!

Here at ISG we are a community, not just a school. We encourage, teach and foster mutual respect across the whole school. And most importantly, we lead by example. Together, we make our school a great place to learn each day. Our school assemblies contribute to this goal - we have fun singing together, classes share their learning with each other, we discuss things we need to work on to make our school a better place and we celebrate success.

International Festival 2018!

We recently had our annual International Festival, and what a great event it was! The children proudly performed songs in many languages and dances from all over the world. Then we enjoyed an amazing reception with food that parents had prepared from their home country.  A wonderful event celebrating the cultural diversity that we love here at ISG. Thank you to everyone who helped make our International Festival such an enjoyable event!

Thank you Easter bunny!

There was a lot of excitement in the air today when all the children realized that the Easter bunny had visited ISG! Everyone was happy to have chocolate eggs to take home in their Easter baskets. Thank you Easter bunny!

Christmas show time!

We were so proud to see all the children perform  - they sang, played many different instruments and danced! Christmas songs, winter songs and songs in many different languages! A lovely performance and a way to welcome the festive season!


On Friday 24th November we had our annual Bingo night! It was a fun school community event and fundraiser! All proceeds will go directly to purchasing outside playground equipment. Thank you to our fantastic Parent's Association for organising the event and for everyone who helped bring it all together!

Great start to the school year!

We have had a great start to the school year! All the children have settled quickly into their new classes and have been very welcoming to our new pupils. IPC projects have started and everyone is eager to learn. It will surely be a fun and busy year at ISG!