Middle Primary - Mr Jamie

Sew gifted!

Have you ever wanted to become a fashion designer? Well this term our students made this dream a reality! We explored different textile techniques and learnt how to apply them to add design features and colours to our work. For our Entry Point we teamed up with Middle Primary 1 to create wearable objects in a short amount of time. We dug through recycled materials, fabric, paper, plastic, plastic cups, wooden sticks, even old curtains were used for inspiration. 

We then took our learning beyond the classroom walls with a visit to the Museum of Industry. There we discovered how textile is made in the brand-new exhibition ‘100% Textile’: From cotton to towel With humming spinning machines, roaring looms and rattling sewing machines there was plenty to explore and learn from. 

Our unit led up to the Christmas show where students used all their sewing know-how to create celebration masks in our version of ‘The Nutcracker’. Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s soundtrack children brainstormed a movement piece to their music scene and pranced across the stage!

Wishing you all a safe and happy end of the year and look forward to seeing you again in the new term. 


Everyone is welcome. Everyone belongs!

Dear parents and carers, 


A spooky Halloween greeting is in order, as today students and staff were celebrating the end of our first half-term at school! In Middle Primary we have had a wonderful start to the year. We were happy to see new Year 3 faces and so pleased of course for our returning Year 4s in September. We also welcomed Ms. Chelsea, our class TA who has quickly found her groove here at ISG. 

Grateful to be together with fewer restrictions students, each day we begin with a morning meeting. A 15-minute activity that helps students regulate their emotions and focus on the day’s learning. We’ve had a lot of interesting issues come up through shares, whether it be politics, changing schools or our hobbies outside of the class. Our morning meeting gives us the space and the time to have these conversations. A lot of our learning and community-building this term was inspired by the idea that if a class team works well together, it has a positive impact on all of its members and what they can achieve. To this end students collaboratively created their Essential Agreements for themselves and Mr. Jamie and we have focused on the IPC personal goal of ‘Being Respectful’ throughout September and October. 

In Literacy we put on our detective hats and explored the world of Adventure & Mystery stories, from being trapped on Mars to a daring ocean rescue each story captured the reader’s attention and were a joy to read. To read the class anthology of stories click check the student Seesaw journal. 

Trying to understand that our IPC subjects are interconnected pupils visited the Gravensteen and aimed to find out more about this cultural point of interest ‘through the lens’ of different subject areas. Back in the classroom we had subject focused pieces of work including a play by the historians, tourist maps courtesy of the geographers, historical paintings of the location were provided by the artists and designers built a model of the castle. This month we considered ways children can use the Internet positively and how they can look after their wellbeing while being online. Students created safety posters to display around school about potential risks of being online and later collated data on digital device usage across year groups. We had a fascinating analysis of the data and created our own bar charts to share our findings. 

Have a great week ahead, we hope you enjoy the Autumn break and look forward to seeing students on Monday 8th November.


Goodbyes, gold medals and thank-you!

Congratulations Middle Primary! What a fantastic final term filled with Wacky Olympics, field trips, thank-yous and goodbyes.


This term Year ¾  learners were introduced to the evolution of the Olympics over time, from its humble beginnings in Ancient Greece to its current status as a global celebration of human achievement! We worked to understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources e.g. Greek vases. Pupils also had fun exploring the meanings behind past Olympic mottos and created their own. We were also lucky enough to Zoom call with a real-life Paralympian! Lower and Middle Primary students were eager to engage in a live Q&A session with Hugh Freund - a U.S. Paralympic sailor. He was part of the team that won the silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympic games in Rio. What a special afternoon!


At the beginning of this term, students investigated what humans, plants and animals need in order to survive.  They researched similarities and differences in homes and habitats around the world, then narrowed the focus to studying their surroundings here in Ghent. We classified animals, collected and analysed pond life samples from Citadel Park and learned about food chains. 

We became change-makers as part of our Literacy unit, writing letters to complain and persuade about real-life issues such as parking in a school street, noisy neighbourhoods and deforestation! With Covid restrictions easing we were lucky enough to visit the Blaarmeersen for a morning full of sports and some relaxation and fun by the water. 


Mr. Francis put together a wonderful Wacky Olympics that saw students racing on space hoppers, competing in burpee challenges and hula-hooping their way towards a gold medal. Much fun was had by all and we all favoured ice-creams over medals at our awards ceremony! To round-off the school year we wished the Year 6’s good luck at their graduation ceremony and students were excited to be able to perform a selection of songs for their parents at (outdoor) assembly. A warm waffle wave off concluded the academic year alongside the ISG community.

Have a great summer, wishing you all a happy and safe time wherever you may be!

Paper boat races
MP2's Olympic Motto
Team Blood Vipers at the Wacky Olympics
Zoom call with Hugh the paralympian
Paper airplane races
Botanical Gardens field trip
Capturing and classifying pond life

Taking aim: Habitats!

This term we welcomed back a familiar face to the classroom, good to see you again Maya! As winter days settled around us we thought back to warmer times, crafting poems about the sun using our new-found skills of simile and alliteration. Within our poetry unit students also thought ahead, first researching and then creating pieces to the prompt “If I could travel…”. Despite travel restrictions we were transported around the world through inspired imagery and figurative language! Destinations included the North Pole, Japan, Mexico, the UK, Hawaii and even Belgium. Have a look at our display in photos below!


We did some exploration closer to home as part of our IPC unit ‘Do You Live Around Here?’. In our Geography lessons we set off down the road to survey the neighbourhood with a focus on house types. Eagle-eyed students spotted terraced houses, semi-detached residences and a few flats! Afterwards we drew maps noting constructed and natural features, discussing the impact of these on our local area. It was quite the insight!


Students put on their Technology hats to investigate the building of human habitats using recycled materials. We were lucky enough that the ‘Scrap Store’ project  just launched in our playground so children had an abundance of materials to choose from. Check out their creations! Can you spot any comfortable furnishings?


Inventor time! On a smaller scale students were challenged with making their own miniature building blocks using materials found in the kitchen. Salt dough was the perfect material - have a read of some of our comics that explain the process. Who knew a simple rectangular brick could make such incredible designs?!

A Wonderful Welcome!

I’d like to start this post by saying a great big ‘thank you’ to the ISG community of parents, students and teachers for such a warm welcome. It’s been a half- term full of firsts in Middle Primary, beginning with a deep dive into Ancient Egypt as part of our IPC unit ‘Temples, Tombs and Treasures’. Students put on their historical hats and explored the importance of the River Nile, daily life and mummification as well as learning to appreciate different sources of information. We also got our hands dirty as scribes, carving clay into a cartouche with reference to the hieroglyphic alphabet! 


In Literacy we used the knowledge gained from our IPC unit to investigate historical fiction, first enjoying the texts as readers, then reading as writers and analysing features of the text. Finally we planned and wrote a story, collating them into our first class book! A couple of birthdays and a forest walk later brought us into October. We wished Iris farewell as she returned to the USA along with her big sister Amelie - we will miss you both! 

Wrapping a mummy!
Mummy wrap racing!
Being a mummy is no laughing matter!
Our Gateways To The World Entry Point
Suitcase Relay Race
Investigating capacity
Investigating weight
Measures and data exploration
Happy Halloween!
Y3/4 teaching LP about Ancient Egyptian wall art through a jigsaw

Winter Wonders in MP2

November & December

The end of the year has come and gone and the weather is starting to get a bit colder…or rather more rainy!
However, the rain and cold has not dampened MP2’s spirits and they have had a very full couple of months!

A very Happy Birthday to 3 of our class, Mirei, Rafa and Ying Ying. It’s always nice to celebrate with our class!

We had a great time visiting Ms Sterre in Brussels for a fantastic concert and art performance, ISG even had their name displayed on the train board at the station!

In Literacy we have started to use our CAFÉ board to help us direct our own learning. CAFÉ stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Extend Vocabulary and helps us remind ourselves and each other what reading strategy we are working on at the moment.

In Numeracy Year 3 and 4 have both been studying measurement, times tables and division as well as revising a lot of what they have already learnt for their end of term tests. They should all be very proud of their results!

In IPC, the students have been busy learning about the difference between significant and famous and about people who have made a great difference to our world.

We researched a few scientific discoveries and inventions and their makers, we investigated significant people from our home countries and we studied the work of Antoni Gaudi.

The students have almost finished their Gaudi inspired mosaics and we look forward to seeing the finished result soon!

We finished the term with a song, welcoming Sinterklaas to our classroom with gifts and rehearsing and performing ‘Santa is back in town’ for the Christmas show.

To top it all off we had a great trip to the centre of Gent to enjoy some festive ice skating!
We hope you all enjoyed a pleasant and well earned holiday break and are looking forward to the New Year!


Falling into Autumn in MP2


What a great start to the school year we have had! We welcomed a new student, Tess, from Belgium and have been getting to know our little school family and our sister class Middle Primary 1 as we continue to learn and experience more together.


In October the leaves finally started to fall while MP2 were learning about the Victorian Times and how life was different for children then in workhouses and schools. We imagined what it might be like to visit a workhouse as a reporter in these times and wrote about the conditions and what we saw. To finish off our IPC unit ‘The Generation Game’ we paid a visit to Huis van Alijn to have a tour of many items used through different generations, including an old school room.

In Literacy we have now learnt all aspects of the Daily 5 and can Read to self, Work on Writing, use Word Work, Listen to Reading and Read to Someone, independently and with confidence. There is some great work going on in our class and we are becoming better readers and writers!


In Numeracy we completed our half term ‘check in’ test! Both Year 3 and Year 4 have been working on doubling, halving and fractions. Some challenging and interesting work!

To finish off the term, everyone was looking forward to the Halloween party and the costumes were brilliant! Some of our class drew some very creative witches and monsters for display and we decorated the classroom with pumpkins and bats.

We finished off the term with the promised movie of Oliver Twist – the book we have been reading as a class for the past few weeks. And now, we will all enjoy a well earned Autumn break!


Soaring through MP2 in leaps and bounds!

Welcome to Ms Narissa’s MP2 class! What a great start to our new school year.
We welcomed three new students to the school: Sarah from Egypt and France, Lucia from Sweden and Rafa from Australia.
We are only in our 4th week of school and it already feels like our little class is family.

We started off our year by talking about our class expectations and how we could reflect our Personal Goal  -RESPECT – in our classroom.
We also had a great time at the Primary Fun day getting to know each other and playing games in the park.

MP2 together with MP1 have been learning how to become more independent learners with their new literacy framework the ‘Daily 5’.
They can now Read to Self and add to their word collectors, Read to Someone and check for understanding and can write a ‘Think about’ to help them organise their ideas before Working on Writing. This week they will be learning about Word Work and later how to become better readers and writers by Listening to Reading.

In the last week both Year 3 and Year 4 have been working on their times tables in Numeracy and are all making great progress.

Our IPC unit ‘The Generation Game’ has been a lot of fun! Sharing our ideas of what ‘old’ and ‘young’ is has been interesting. We looked at and compared paintings of childhood and then created our own versions of our childhood using paint or pastels. What a creative lot we have in MP!

We are now studying what childhood was like in the Victorian Era and reading ‘Oliver’ together with Ms Rebecca’s class.
Next step, what does it feel like to be elderly and how best can we care for the elderly?

We’re looking forward to what the next few weeks hold!


Happy, messy learning!

How time flies! The year 4 pupils have been super busy learning and facing their challenges with resilience!

We wrapped up the ‘Active Planet’ unit with a fun day of hands-on activities. We finally got to see our salt-dough volcano erupt – you put baking soda, food colouring, soap and vinegar in it, then everything bubbles up. Really cool! We also made lava lamps, a seismograph and tested which liquid runs faster: honey or soap.

We went on two amazing trips to participate in events. The first one was Sing! – an interactive concert at BOZAR, in Brussels. It was fun to sing along with a real orchestra and almost one thousand children! The second one was the Battle of the Scientists, organized by ISG and ISL, who hosted it this year. Their presentations were super interesting!

There were also special visitors: a group of dental students came to teach us all about our teeth and how to keep them clean and healthy.

Just before the Easter break, we had a very special guest, a real bunny! He is so cute and calm, he got to spend the whole morning with us. Thank you Felwa!

Coming back from the holiday and having World Adventure Week was the best! We read with our buddy class, had an acting exercise with Miss Maria and read stories and poems from all over the world.

Lastly, we have started our new unit: Inventions that Changed the World, and we’re looking forward to learning a lot of new and exciting things!



Year 3 Active Planet!

Year 3 Blog February

Wow! Our very first blog as a Year 3 class. How awesome is it to have our very own class!
Year 3 have been working on so many things over the last few weeks it’s difficult to cover them all!

We had a great time completing our ‘Five Day Friendship Challenge’ as part of our personal goal this month, ‘Thoughtfulness’ .

During literacy time the students have been learning to work independently with a new method called ‘The Daily Five’.
So far, they have been doing very well with ‘Read to Self’, ‘Work on Writing’ and ‘Read to Someone’. After the break we will be looking at ‘Word Work’ and ‘Listen to Reading’.
No doubt you’ll hear them talk about I-charts, working on their ‘reading stamina’ and how to choose a ‘Good Fit’ book a lot more in the next few weeks!

In our writing time we have been practicing our journal writing, using past and present tense and making adverbs with -ly.
In our reading we have been working on ‘Checking for Understanding’ and being able to say who is in the text and what is happening.

The children have been working particularly well in Numeracy and have nearly finished their second book! We have been learning about using different words to tell the time and subtracting three- digit numbers using FROG.

They have also been making amazing posters about different volcanoes, learning a lot about tectonic plates, the layers of the earth, the Ring of Fire and how to make an earthquake proof building.
We were lucky to have Ms Maija come to visit to talk to us about her experience in an earthquake and create a jelly-marshmallow experiment to simulate what an earthquake could do to different structures.

The students have been so busy they even presented their earthquake proof buildings and an Earthquake safety rap at assembly!

 Phew! You have definitely earned your break this month Year 3!

Looking forward to a new and exciting time in March!