Autumn and Transport!

After returning from the mid-term holiday the children in upper pre-primary celebrated the beautiful season of Autumn. They painted and printed Autumn leaves, made hedgehog pictures by finger painting, learnt songs and a lovely poem about a hedgehog! We had a fantastic visit to a farm where the children got to hold, pet and feed the animals. They even got to milk a goat and then drink the milk immediately! What a great experience!

We are also well under way with our new unit of work ‘Transport’. For our ‘entry point’ we went on a mystery trip with our cuddly toys! We took them on tram 2 then on bus number 78 which brought us to our surprise destination – a lovely park with a playground! We had a snack at the park and lots of fun playing! Afterwards we took tram 1 and tram 2 to return to the school. It was a lovely opportunity to link our learning at school with the outside world!

The classroom has been a busy hive of activity with lots of learning! The children have been learning about transport now and transport long ago. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a picture of the first bicycle – a penny farthing! The children are enjoying drawing and colouring pictures of vehicles. They are also very creative making their own special vehicles using boxes and other scrape material. Alongside this they have worked together to make a very big fire truck. This inspired them to open a fire station in the class with a police station attached!  Luckily, we have the services of the firemen and police as the kitchen in our class, which is home to many princesses, often goes on fire! Great learning, co-operation and communication during these role play moments!  Our personal value we are learning this month is ‘co-operation’, so it’s a perfect way to practice it! The big highlight this week was a visit to our class from a real fireman! The children were very happy to try on the fireman’s clothes! I think I have a few future firemen in my class!

The children were very excited when we did our car survey! They counted the different coloured cars that drove by our school recording their findings as the cars passed!

The children are working hard with their numeracy and language work and are making great progress. They have also had their first introduction to coding using our little bee bots! Well done everyone!

And finally, congratulations to Yousef and Andreea who both had birthdays and turned five!

More news about ‘Transport’ in our next blog!

Miss Mia