Feedback from Leone family from Italy whose 6 year old daughter spent 4 years at ISG:

We are doing fine here in London, but we still remember the nice period spent in Belgium and Gent. In particular Alyssa continues to have very good memories of her time spent at ISG. I would like to inform you that Alyssa is doing great academically at the International School of London. In fact she is considered to be the best reader and the second best pupil in math in her class. Obviously this is due to the great teachers, teaching methodology and environment at ISG.

After 4 months spent in another International School, we would like to praise you and your team for your dedication, passion and achievements. It has become pretty clear to us that firstly ISG provides the right culture for pupils to truly enjoy learning - Alyssa has always been happy to go to school- and secondly ISG has been able to differentiate teaching for each pupil, according to their need.

We thought it is important for you to receive such feedback and would like to thank you again for all your support.


Feedback from Condom-Pujol family from Spain whose 11 year old daughter spent 6 months at ISG:

Magnifica experiencia ISG Gent. Cuando uno esta fuera de casa se agradece el trato familiar y ser bien acogidos, felicidades por vuestro trabajo.

Translation: Magnificent experience at ISG. When you are away from home, we appreciate the personal approach and feeling welcome. Congratulations on your work.


Feedback from Koch family from Germany and Belgium, whose son Sebastian spent 6 years at ISG

A visionary place that teaches our kids what they need most in this era. Understanding and accepting of all cultures and getting the best from them. Not only Expats, but also Belgian families, finally have a high profile international school they can send their kids to with a guarantee for a visionary, caring education run by professionals that love their job!


Feedback from Bramlett family from the US, whose son Myer spent 4 years at ISG

We could not be happier with our ISG experience! We value the teachers' ability to work one-on-one with our student to meet his needs and make educational progress in an effective way. We also value the diversity among students, families, and staff, which provides an education in, and of, itself for our child; helping him think globally and raising his awareness of our world. Thank you for a great experience!


Feedback from the Vertriest family

We would like to thank you all for what has been an amazing Early Childhood Education experience for our children. They truly felt safe and cared for and were excited to come to school everyday. ISG is a special school with a special community and we are grateful to have experienced it.


Feedback from the Gregor family

Teachers are professional and making great effort to explain and teach kids. Very in depth preparations and variety of things to introduce IPC topic. Appreciate the way the final exit point is presented to parents. Wonderful interactions between children when older kids are supporting and helping younger children. It's opening for kids their future ability to deal and understand other people from different cultures.


Feedback from Barole family

We will always miss these beautiful and memorable years at ISG



Feedback in an anonymous parent survey

ISG has been key to a tremendous positive development in our daughter even after only one year. She has progressed remarkably in English language, mathematics, science and in social and communication skills. Where as before she resented going to school, she now eagerly looks forward to learning more.


Feedback in an anonymous parent survey

Young kids come to this place to explore the diversity of our world. They will find out people speak different languages, eat different food, have different culture. But, in the end, we all seek the same common goal, a happy life.


Feedback in an anonymous parent survey

Our child has made huge progress in learning. There is room for individuals and different needs, which we appreciate a lot.


Feedback in an anonymous parent survey

Great kids adaptability. Great relation with teachers and involvement of parents in Parent's Association. Teaching with joyful tools for kids - games, songs etc!


Feedback in an anonymous parent survey

Open and friendly atmosphere. Individual approach for your child. You can see that the children, parents and teachers are happy. The staff put your child first, which is not the case at every school. High standard of teaching. Small groups and staff care. Sending our children to this school was the best thing we could do for them as parents in Ghent. High standard of education and happy atmosphere!


Feedback in an anonymous parent survey

ISG is a well structured and organized institution. The school is unique in maintaining the cultural diversity in a harmonious way. It's like a second home for the kids!