Our Team

Maija Lusher
Head of School
How would we cope without our New Zealander? She’s our rock!
Anya Edwards
Middle Pre-Primary Teacher
A burst of youthful energy from England!
Sterre De Raedt
Music teacher
She brings rhythm and beats to all classes!
Rebecca Maslin
Middle Primary Teacher
From Ireland with lots of love and enthusiasm.
Marjolein Naudts
Dutch language teacher
Keeps us connected to our local community
Julieta Plancarte
Lower Primary Teacher
Our sunshine from Mexico, brings colourful ideas to ISG
Ana Silveira Miranda
Learning Support Teacher
Amazing assistance all the way from Brazil!
Naomi Snoeck
Swimming teacher
Our sporty girl who keeps us fit
Jenny Svensson De Wilde
Upper Primary Teacher
Our caring Swede who gets the best from our oldest pupils!
Inbal Tzfadia
Lower Pre-Primary teacher
Love and patience, straight from Israel
Mia Van Cauwelaert
Upper Pre-Primary Teacher
Our lucky shamrock who brings experience and energy!
Ellen Bruffaerts
Office Administrator
She's our friendly local, though she's also lived all over the world!
Brigitte Vansteenkiste
Lunch Support and After School Care
Our school mum, she takes care of all of us
Anelda Van Loon
Middle Primary Teacher
Cool, calm and collected all the way from South Africa!
Roisin Weymes
Office Manager
She’ll always greet you with an Irish smile
Ine Marien
Sport teacher
Energy and enthusiasm in the sports room!