Future inventors!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new blog! The new year of 2024 has burst into our classroom with lots of excitement and adventure! Middle primary has been diving into lots of new learning, embarking on very exciting projects, and creating meaningful memories together! Get ready for all the latest news!

First of all, let’s welcome our two new students! Ryo, coming all the way from Japan, and Nirvan, who just arrived from Canada!

This term we have had an exhilarating journey with our International Primary Curriculum! Our latest Unit called “Inventions that changed the world” has captivated us! The students in Middle Primary have discovered a huge amount of inventions and the ingenious minds behind them! The whole class has been learning about how all these inventions have changed our lives, from the marvel of electricity to the transformative impact of the industrial revolution! 

Everyone in MP has been immersed in the wonders of the history of inventions, and they crafted their own timeline to find the exact date-of-discovery of multiple inventions through history. Working in small groups, they have been mastering the use of the PowerPoint by creating very interesting presentations, and learning how to navigate through the vast expanse of the internet trying to find reliable information. 

But that’s not all! Our classroom has been a hive of activity! Hands-on projects like crafting pinhole cameras, exploring ancient techniques like block printing, among many others! They have also done extensive research and joined discussions about the impact of inventions, debating their significance but also understanding the consequences. To give an example, the kids talked about how they think plastic is a great invention, very useful for our daily lives, and yet they also agreed that plastic is also damaging our environment!

For our Exit Point, MP shone during their Assembly! They presented some of their learning in front of the whole school! They even challenged the audience with interactive games and questions to check their understanding. I am very proud of them!

Besides IPC, we visited Lower Primary during their Snack Shop! It was a great experience buying snacks to practise how to give change properly, and devouring a delicious snack afterwards!

During this term we have also experienced great fun celebrating our Fun Fridays! In January we had our Crazy Warm Sweater Day!

We have also celebrated two birthdays: Ms. Cristi’s and Andrew’s!

Because knowledge takes up no space, we have also been very lucky in Middle Primary to learn the home languages from our classmates. During this period we have learned Greek with Ms. Natalia and Russian with Yan!

Once a week we have a Show and tell where one student prepares a presentation with the topic of their own choice. We have learned plenty of new things with: Andrew teaching us how to play with a Nintendo, Izzy sharing with us her Etch a Sketch and showing us her felting tricks, Isabella bringing in a green screen and how to make special videos with it, and Igor introducing us to the magnificent world of Epoxy!

During our Daily 5, our English Curriculum, I am very proud to share with you that all the students in Middle Primary, both Year 3 and Year 4, are becoming great readers and writers! Their interest in books and in becoming independent learners is being a big success! 

During our Maths lessons, all the children are showing their best, accepting new challenges, helping each other in small thinking groups, and doing their best with mental problems! 

Happy Carnival and a well deserved break!

Ms. Cristi

Learning with Ms Natalia!
Izzy's show and tell!
Siya made a book about her class!
Learning Greek with Ms Natalia!
Happy birthday Andrew!
Andrew's Birthday!
Igor's Show and tell!
Learning Russian with Yan!
Isabella's show and tell!
Green screen!
Pinhole cameras!
Izzy's Show and tell!
Snack shop!
Research time!
Learning about the X-ray!
Block prining!
Block printing!
Andrew's Show and tell!
Block printing!
Ms. Cristi's Birthday!