Learning is Fun!

Dear families, 

We have been very busy in Year 2 with a lot of fun learning going on.

For our Exit point of 'Feel the Force' Year 2 did a small oral revision of the forces that are combined when a volcanic eruption takes place. They got to draw their own maps of the “Ring of Fire” where most earthquakes and the biggest volcanoes exist. In the end, they had the opportunity to create their own volcanoes and make a volcanic eruption in the classroom using materials we all have at home! Such fun!

In our IPC project ‘Bake it’ Year 2 learned about gases, solids and liquids, and changes of state. We looked closely at yeast and through experiments found out how yeast breaths, which is called anaerobic respiration, as yeast breaths without oxygen. But if sugar is added to yeast in water, it will produce oxygen!! We learnt the story of bread and how in some countries it is the staple of a diet. We made our own bread, and the children learnt that there are many different types of bread and some of which are very tasty and healthy!!!
Exit Point – lava lamps. The main idea was for the children to learn about the concept of density, in particular, the idea that things are more dense than a liquid sink and things that are less dense than a liquid float. This activity is interesting because gas is added to and taken away from big drops of water which changes their density and causes them to float or sink in oil. Year 2 loved making a lava lamp because of the colourful blobs that moved around the jar. Learning about chemistry can be so much fun!!

We looked at Primary Colours and the children made an art piece by Piet Mondrian. Ulma’s Father was so impressed by this that he offered to take Year 2 on a guided tour of MSK in Ghent. He explained clearly to the children about many important paintings and the difference of colours and textures in the different era’s. It was a truly fascinating excursion.

In numeracy Year 2 have been understanding place value in 2-digit numbers by creating 2-digit numbers, placing them on a number line and solving place value additions and subtractions. The children have been using doubles and number bonds to add three single-digit numbers. We have also been learning about money and adding bigger amounts of money using a decimal.

In literacy we have been focusing on reading comprehension, writing book reviews and starting to write short fairy tales. It is lovely to see such an improvement in the children’s understanding of books and becoming creative in their writing. Keep up the good work!!!

The International Festival was a huge success and Year’s 2 performance of ‘Footloose’ was excellent. I am very proud of their dedication to this wonderful event.

We made Easter egg baskets for another annual event, our Easter Egg Hunt, which was oh so much fun!!! And afterwards we enjoyed a little class party, where Myer's aunt shared a couple of books with us about Tennessee. Thank you for sharing with us!

Wishing you all a lovely holiday and see you soon.

Ms. Rebecca