Nature Knowledge!

In Year 1, we have been learning all about trees and the nature that surrounds us through our IPC topic ‘Our World’. We kicked off the month learning about Andy Goldsworthy who is an artist and sculptor who makes art using natural materials. We collected leaves, acorns, twigs and the like and used them to make our own nature pictures on the playground. We had so much fun making them and the results were beautiful!

We have also been discovering how to identify trees. Our local tree expert (aka Dina, Nikos’ mum) came into school and did a wonderful lesson with us where the children learned to identify and measure the height of the trees on our playground. The children then chose a tree and made a sketch of it. They are currently using all they learned to make a book all about their tree which will be hanging outside our classroom shortly.

In Literacy we have been busy with speaking and listening and have been retelling stories. We read the book The Elephant and the Bad Baby and have made up our own story by changing some story elements. Year 1 then drew a storyboard of their new version. To finish, we went down to Pre-Primary and retold our stories them, we had a great time and hope they enjoyed listening to them as much as we enjoyed telling them!

In Numeracy we have been measuring using cubes, paper clips, metre sticks and even ourselves! We have also been learning about position, adding three numbers and have started counting and working on money problems.

It’s been a busy and fun-filled month, until next blog.

Ms Erica