We are Upper Primary 1!

Welcome to the adventurous world of Upper Primary 1: In Blog, Edition Three!

The new year has kicked off splendidly in UP 1, and I'm thrilled to share some of the memorable moments from our exciting learning journey. We have said goodbye to our intern Natalia, who certainly left an impression in Upper Primary. Thank you Natalia for all of your kindness, and making everyone of us feel special!

Let's dive into our recent adventures:

Ancient Civilizations with a Modern Perspective

As the New Year unfolds, so does our exploration of the latest IPC topic. We began with an engaging Entry Point Game Show, drawing upon Upper Primary's previous knowledge of ancient civilizations. Since then, our journey has the mysteries of the Maya and Benin empires. We explored their society and culture, celebrated their achievements, and pondered the reasons behind their decline. 

Connecting theories on the collapse of the Maya civilization, students wrote and recorded persuasive speeches as Maya priests advocating for change. 

Drawing from accounts of visitors to the Benin Empire, students built a model depicting its prime before it was destroyed without a trace. 

Finding Inspiration in Extraordinary Stories

In literacy we are exploring the world of biographies through the book "Rise Up: Ordinary Kids with Extraordinary Stories." Our focus has been on understanding the literary features commonly used in a biography. Moreover, we have investigated the qualities that make these narratives inspirational and have considered how they might personally inspire each of us.

Guided Reading with ISG+

To deepen our understanding of literature, we've teamed up with ISG+ secondary school for weekly guided reading sessions. Students are collaborating with each other to read and analyze leveled books.

With eager anticipation…

Thank you all for an excellent start to the spring term! We have sought opportunities to collaborate, and show respect and empathy to each other. We have grown together, and we are excited to see you back after Crocus Vacation, to continue learning together!

Warm regards,

Miss Kelsey