A wonderful term

Year 3 and 4 pupils have had a great term so far. New pupils have joined us and we welcome Embla from Canada, Riya from India and Achbold from Magnolia. We are also eager to welcome Elias who will be joining us in January.

This term we have a lot of birthdays. We have already celebrated Lucia, Phoevos, Zo’s and Geffen’s birthday, and soon we will celebrate Zahra and Javier’s birthday

Our new IPC-unit is all about Fashion. Students will learn about fashion and trends in the past and what might have influenced these. They will design their own costume out of recycled material.
and learn about what is considered fashionable in their home countries.

In Literacy both year 3 and year 4 pupils are working on grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. We created our own storyboard based on a short animation series called Tinga Tinga. We looked at why a chameleon changes his colours. This is on Display outside our classroom, please come have a look at your child’s work. They did a great job.
During reading sessions, students work on their language skills – we are well set into our reading rotation. During these sessions students get to talk about the different types of texts we read.
Students also have had the opportunity to express themselves using our LEGO, Build to Express kit.

In Numeracy, students are learning their number facts, like place value and different strategies for adding and subtracting numbers. They are starting to solve problems involving time, converting between analogue and digital, hours to mins and converting between different units of measure.

The Christmas show is around the corner and we all have been practising very hard, we are very excited and hope to see you all there.


Ms Anelda and Ms Maria