The world of Upper Primary 1!

Welcome to the fantastic world of Upper Primary 1: In Blog, Edition Two!

This term has been a whirlwind of excitement, and our class has undergone some big changes. First off, we bid farewell to the amazing Ms. Narissa, sending her off with our best wishes for her new adventures back in Australia. She'll be dearly missed by the entire ISG family, students and staff alike. My name is Ms. Kelsey, and I am joining you from the state of Texas. I am thrilled to embark on this learning journey with the fantastic Upper Primary 1 group! Thank you all for the warm welcome into your classroom. 

Now, let's dive into our recent adventures:

In IPC: Extinct, Endangered, and Existing

We've just wrapped up our first IPC topic, delving deep into the diverse environments of our planet, the incredible creatures that inhabit them, and the ways humans are shaping these landscapes. Our Upper Primary students showcased their newfound knowledge in a special presentation to Middle Primary last week. The hard work put into honing their research and presentation skills truly paid off, making the showcase a resounding success. Kudos to our budding biologists for their dedication and outstanding efforts in this unit!

In Literacy: Fourteen Wolves

Our literary journey took us into the heart of 'Fourteen Wolves,' a tale of the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Upper Primary immersed themselves in analyzing the text and illustrations, uncovering the author's purpose through her unique writing style, illustrations, and carefully chosen words. At the end of this unit, our students used their knowledge of food chains from the IPC topic, as well as the information from the book, to plan and write a persuasive letter explaining the importance of the wolves in the park. 

As we wrap up this term, we hope everyone had a joyful and restful holiday season. We are looking forward to the new year, ready for more adventures and learning together!

Warm regards,

Miss Kelsey