Year 3 Active Planet!

Year 3 Blog February

Wow! Our very first blog as a Year 3 class. How awesome is it to have our very own class!
Year 3 have been working on so many things over the last few weeks it’s difficult to cover them all!

We had a great time completing our ‘Five Day Friendship Challenge’ as part of our personal goal this month, ‘Thoughtfulness’ .

During literacy time the students have been learning to work independently with a new method called ‘The Daily Five’.
So far, they have been doing very well with ‘Read to Self’, ‘Work on Writing’ and ‘Read to Someone’. After the break we will be looking at ‘Word Work’ and ‘Listen to Reading’.
No doubt you’ll hear them talk about I-charts, working on their ‘reading stamina’ and how to choose a ‘Good Fit’ book a lot more in the next few weeks!

In our writing time we have been practicing our journal writing, using past and present tense and making adverbs with -ly.
In our reading we have been working on ‘Checking for Understanding’ and being able to say who is in the text and what is happening.

The children have been working particularly well in Numeracy and have nearly finished their second book! We have been learning about using different words to tell the time and subtracting three- digit numbers using FROG.

They have also been making amazing posters about different volcanoes, learning a lot about tectonic plates, the layers of the earth, the Ring of Fire and how to make an earthquake proof building.
We were lucky to have Ms Maija come to visit to talk to us about her experience in an earthquake and create a jelly-marshmallow experiment to simulate what an earthquake could do to different structures.

The students have been so busy they even presented their earthquake proof buildings and an Earthquake safety rap at assembly!

 Phew! You have definitely earned your break this month Year 3!

Looking forward to a new and exciting time in March!