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Upper-Primary - Mr Jamie

Happy holidays!

Coming back to school after a wonderful Halloween holiday was something special for Upper Primary - we said goodbye to one student and warmly welcomed another from South Korea! To get to know each other better and further explore our city, we visited the centre of Ghent. In this way, we dived into our new unit in Literacy – ‘Fake News’! We had the opportunity to ask people on the streets about some articles and tested their fact-checking knowledge! To our surprise almost all the people fell for our made-up stories, believing them to be real. After some research we were able to recognise what fake news looks like online and in a variety of formats – from clickbait to propaganda. Later, students created their own satirical piece along with a guide on how to stay safe online. Finally we also had the chance to chat with a newly-graduated journalism student all the way in Croatia to get the ins and outs of the industry.

Chromebooks are a daily feature in our learning and this term students asked themselves just how these appliances can function - the answer was all to do with electricity! And so began our IPC unit of learning...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta, Lower-Primary - Ms Cristi

Lower Primary Rocks!

We would like to

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Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Laura

Yummy yummy!

Our second unit this year was Food. A simple thing for us adults, yet such a big wonder for the little ones!


The entry point for this unit was going to a vegetarian restaurant called De Appelier. Taking the bus there was an excitement on its own. The kids loved visiting the restaurant´s kitchen too. They were very brave and tried lots and lots of surprising new dishes!

Where does food come from? At the beginning of the unit, some of the children answered ´from the box´ to this question. By the end of the unit, the kids knew that food comes either from an animal or from a plant. They even know from which for much of the food they regularly eat!

Which food is healthy and which unhealthy? The kids loved to learn about this and kept checking if what they had in their lunch boxes was healthy.

Making orange juice, boiling and peeling an egg, cooking an omelette, making a smoothie and making tea were activities that the children loved. After all, orange juice squeezed by your own efforts tastes way better than any juice you could ever buy!

During this unit, we worked much with the senses....Read the full article

Middle Primary - Ms Erica & Ms. Anelda

Happy Holidays!

Dear friends and families,

This term, in IPC it has been all about Houses and Homes. The children have been honing their design, architecture, and construction skills through a range of activities. The children looked at different types of buildings around the world and discussed how climate and natural surroundings effects the buildings and homes people live in. They produced posters about fascinating and unusual places to stay such as treehouses, under waterfalls and ice hotels. They were historians, who looked at how cities have changed and modernised over time, making timelines to illustrate this. They discussed how sometimes people move house and the reasons why, including how some people are forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in other countries.  Our budding artists learned how to draw from a one-point perspective with a vanishing point and learned about, then designed a traditional South African Ndebele house.

In literacy the class have been delving into the wonderful world of Oliver Jeffers through the beautifully illustrated picture book: What We’ll Build. This story centres around a father and...Read the full article

Food Glorious Food, Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Marianne

Food Glorious Food

The Glitter Class 

Upper Pre-Primary


Dear Family and Friends


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Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Laura

A Family of Friends.

For some of the children in Lower Pre-Primary, the 1st of September was the first day ever at school. Maybe the first day ever away from their parents for so very long. For a two and a half years old, this is a huge step. During the first weeks of school, I have focused on helping the children feel taken care of, safe, and loved. Amongst others, reassuring them that mom did not just vanish from the face of the Earth. I was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly the children adapted to the new situation. Within a week they were mostly happy to come to school and waved their parents away with a smile!


The second step for our little family was to progressively get used to the class routines. From the beginning I have encouraged children to be independent and do as many of their tasks as possible. For example, upon arrival the children must do the following: take their backpacks off, take their jackets off, hang it, open the backpack, sort out the...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Marianne

The Glitter Class - Family and Friends Unit

It seems long ago that our journey began together but the reality is only eight full weeks!  Sixteen students and two teachers, connecting for the first time. 

The IPC unit of ‘Family and Friends’ was a fabulous starting point. 

Our entry point was family photographs, firstly looking at the photographs together as a group and sharing different information about our families including how many people were in our families.  This led to our ‘big block’ provocation, students had to find their families on different blocks. It was delightful hearing students shouting “look my family”, but also to observe students handing friends blocks with their brother, sister, mother or father on.  A new level of connection because we did not just know each other we knew who our families were too. 

We also counted and stamped family members into houses and listened carefully to stories about different kinds of family.  We learnt that not all families are the same.

We had lots of fun looking at what we looked like as babies and learned to recognise our friends from their baby photographs. We had all grown in similar ways...Read the full article