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Middle Pre-Primary

A wonderful end to a wonderful year in Middle Pre-Primary!

Welcome to the final Middle Pre-Primary blog this year!

For the past few weeks at school we have continued to learn about our IPC Unit, Sand and Water and we have been quite busy learning lots of new things! We learnt about why water is so important for our bodies and for the planet. We also learnt about the water cycle and why it rains! We looked at the different animals, which live in water and found out which animals are salt water animals and which are fresh water animals. We explored the different types of water around the world, learning about ponds, lakes, rivers and the oceans. We also made our own boat and we became sailors and pirates! For our Exit Point we had a wonderful sand and water fun day, where the children had pools, slides, bubbles and lots of water toys to play with! We played a fun ‘catch the water balloon’ game and we also had a very exciting boat race!


We had the opportunity to visit an art exhibition near the school and the children loved exploring the different displays and there was also a person dressed as a tree!  

We also had some lovely visits to the...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

What a wonderful time we had!

Dear parents

What a wonderful last few weeks it has been. We continued our sand and water topic by making a big cozy sand and water corner in our classroom where we had the chance to look at fish, explore the sensory bottles and relax on the pillows.

One of our tadpoles turned into a froglet who soon turned into a frog. Everybody was very excited to see how fast the transformation went! Our frog was so tiny but very cute. We kept him for a few days until we returned him with all his other tadpole brothers and sisters to the pond they came from. After this frog adventure we had two students who came into our classroom to show us how real toads look like! We were able to feel them and even had them on top of our head! We leanred about the differences between a toad and a frog and it was very interesting.

We also learned about different kinds of seacreatues. We learned about what they look like, what they eat, and all the other characteristics. We each made our favourite seacreatues and put them on a big ocean frieze that we made ourselfs. After this we exprimented some more with different kinds of sand and...Read the full article

Exit Point Learning, I'm alive, skills, Understanding, Lower-Primary

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Hello Everybody!

The last day of school we finalized our project ‘I am alive’. The project was exciting and we discovered lots of facts about life, food chains, life cycles and changes. We also learned lots of interesting things about butterflies! At the beginning of May we were lucky enough to receive 30 tiny caterpillars.  We built a big cage to host this lovely creatures and to study closely their metamorphosis. Slowly but surely the caterpillars became a chrysalis and later we had beautiful butterflies in our classroom. The learning that took place during this process was priceless. The class carefully recorded all in a diary. The class also made a movie to document all their learning. We will present it during our Exit Point. During all of our IPC activities, we learned how to work and collaborate together as a team. (click on this link to see our movie on YouTube as an unlisted video https://youtu.be/3bmLIreu8uA  )

We also had a whole week of Art! We had the chance to go around the school and have a taste of different art expressions. We worked in...Read the full article

Middle Primary

We got that holiday feeling!!

Hello everyone,

A warm welcome to our last blog of the year, we had so many highlights and learnt so much, it has truly been a wonderful year and I personally adored being your child’s teacher. 

The last weeks Year 2 have worked very hard preparing themselves for their various end of the year tests. Well done to you all for the incredible progress you have made this year. Feeling very proud of each and everyone of you!

All of Primary participated in our art week, and they learnt about many...Read the full article


Happy holidays, everyone!

We are the world! Upper Primary pupils and teachers represent many different counties. On the long list of countries we come from - or have lived in - you find India, Sri Lanka, France, Syria, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Belgium, South Africa, Laos, New Zealand, Sweden and Slovenia. Pupils teach each other about their different countries and cultures. In one small classroom, we feel that we are part of the world and, from what we have learnt during our IPC unit ‘Roots, shoots and fruits’, we also know that it is our obligation to take good care of planet Earth. We only have one planet!

Pupils have wrapped up their hard work connected to the ‘Roots, shoots and fruits’ IPC unit. There have been lots of work on display in our hallway, a huge tree research, nature idioms, scientific drawing of plants, explanations and photos from our lessons with Mr Claude – building flower beds etc. Pupils planted carrots and radishes, sadly enough only a few of them survived the heat wave – but they tasted delicious! Pupils know more about pollinators and pollination – and about non-beneficial...Read the full article