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Welcome Back, Middle Primary, Year 3/4

Welcome back

Welcome back to another great year of learning!  The start of the school year is always a moment of great anticipation and excitement. I hope you have had an enjoyable summer.  The children have certainly had lots of exciting stories to share. 

First a warm welcome to Tanmay and Anay (Y4), Omer and Joao (Y3). I hope you all settle in well here at ISG. Also a warm welcome to Miss Maria who will be helping us this year.

To start the term, we have been reviewing some numeracy and literacy topics and most importantly we have been adjusting to our new morning and afternoon routines.

In Numeracy students have been looking at different tasks, learning their Number bonds, practicing different Adding and Subtraction strategies and Problem Solving skills.

In literacy, Middle Primary has been learning about grammar rules, spelling rules and practicing our writing skills. I would also like to congratulate students for their amazing performance on their spelling tests. I am very proud to see so many perfect scores! Keep it up guys!

In IPC we have already learned a lot. Our unit: Chocolate will take us on a...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

A wonderful start in Upper Pre-Primary!

 A very warm welcome to the new children who have joined our school this year – Caius, Marina, Yousef and Sanvi. What a great start we have had in Upper pre-primary!  All the children are settling in very well and are making friends. To begin the year, we had a little mini project all about ‘Apples’. The children learnt about the parts of a tree, their functions and the life cycle of an apple tree. They painted apple trees, tasted different varieties of apples, made apple sauce and learnt a poem about an apple tree.

Last week we began our first IPC unit ‘All about me’. We kicked off to a great start with our ‘Entry Point’. The children came to school wearing their favourite clothes and favourite colours and brought their favourite toy to school! When they arrived in the morning they put on their very special crown which they had prepared the day before. The children showed respect as they listened to each other talking about their toy. They were very happy to share different information about their toys. They learned more about each other and what they enjoyed playing...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

A big and warm welcome to Year 2, where we are looking forward to a year of learning, experimenting and having fun

Dear all,

It has been a very busy start to the new academic year: getting to know each other, organising our classroom, getting used to the routines and settling down to work. The children seem to love their new class and feel at home!...Read the full article

Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

Going Global

Upper Primary pupils have started up the new school year in a great way. New pupils have joined us and we welcome Matheus and Vitor from Brazil, Aki from Japan, Kavya from India, Martina from Spain and Ariadne from Greece to ISG. Upper Primary pupils are eager to welcome even more pupils to our class, so we look forward to the ones joining us later this year. Upper Primary pupils spent the first school week getting to know each other, with lots of team building activities, and art activities and class room discussions where they got a chance to express who they are. Miss Suparna from India is helping out in Upper Primary a few days per week, and she is already part of the Upper Primary team as well. Pupils decided on what Classroom rules we should have in our class and made a beautiful display on our classroom wall. They have also started incorporating the first Personal Goal, respect, in our different activities and discussions. This year is all about team work, co-operation and good communication = respect!

September is a busy birthday month in Upper Primary. We have already celebrated Ariadne’s birthday, and soon it...Read the full article