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Middle Pre-Primary

Ahoy Mateys! Enjoying the Treasure Unit in Middle Pre-Primary

The last two months my life changed totally. I had the honor to be the teacher of MPP class. Thanks to Miss Sophie, Miss Marta and the children, I adapted easily and I received so much love and support. A big big thank you to Miss Sophie, who helped me a lot and gave me all the appropriate notes for your children!

Our treasure hunt was the most interesting way to start our unit about “Treasure”.  The children participated with full enthusiasm! First, we explained how we use a treasure map, what piracy is, what pirates are doing, and what treasure and treasure chests are. We all became pirates and painted our faces. It was so enjoyable and we went on a journey with our imaginations! The children followed their maps, answered questions that they found inside of tiny little bottles, and looked forward to finding the treasure chest with all the valuable items. The end of this story was so cheerful, as the children found a pirate flag and treasure chest. They were so excited! One team, one goal!

The children were inspired and most of them decided to create their own pirate stories, pirate ships, and paper bag puppets....Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Treasure and summer time!

The end of the year has arrived, our twelve sweet pupils have learnt so much and became more independent, confident and communicative. It was a true pleasure to watch them learn and grow and we are very proud of each one of them.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about treasure and pirates. We started the topic with a lovely ‘entry point’, searching for a hidden treasure. We worked as a team and looked for some clues until we found the treasure box filled with jewels.

We played many games pretending we were pirates, and by doing so we improved our motor skills. We read books about pirates, sang songs and created our own special treasure chest. It was loads of fun to count pirates and to paint ships, parrots and swords.

For our ‘exit point’ we had a great morning, cutting tropical fruits and having a lovely picnic at sun, pretending we were living on an island.   

We have been learning about summer season and...Read the full article

Lower-Primary, Year 1

Summer's here

As the school year draws to a close it is time to start reflecting on all that has passed: what a year it has been and what a pleasure to spend it teaching such a fantastic group of small humans! I am immensely proud of the wonderful work they have done and the enthusiasm they have shown throughout the year.

In IPC we have been learning all about how to classify animals and the characteristics of the animals within those groups; the children are now experts on mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, amphibians and birds. There have been many great learning experiences during this project- we have watched tadpoles turn into toads, grown a variety of plants from seed, gone on bug hunts and had some furry visitors- Freddy and Tommy Lee, Miss Brigitte’s guinea pigs. We finished off our topic Live and Let Live with a fun-filled trip to the botanical gardens in Ghent.

We also had a really fun sports day in a local park with Year 2. The children played baseball with Mr Gilles and surprised us all with their great ball skills. After that, we played numerous team games and races. The weather was great and everyone thoroughly...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

What a great year of learning and having fun!!

Dear families and friends, 

Here we are at the end of another school year and what a year it has been!! It was a joy to see the children develop in all areas of the curriculum and I am feeling very proud of each and every one of them.

We have been working on our writing skills and the last writing of this year was about instructions, the children had to use bossy verbs, time connectors and plenty of adjectives to capture the reader. They wrote very entertaining stories on how to train a dragon. It is truly lovely to see the progress and therefore the excellent results!

We organised a sports morning where Mr. Gilles set up a baseball tournament and Ms. Erica and I arranged other fun games. The children had such a good time!  They are all winners!!!

We visited the Botanical Gardens in Ghent for our Exit Point on our IPC Project ‘’Live and Let live”’. The children explored the gardens and the greenhouses in order to get to know extraordinary plants and learn about these plants and their relation to mankind. After this we enjoyed a picnic in the Citadel Park and some play time. And to end our lovely day...Read the full article

Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

Spread your wings and fly away...

Let no-one steal your dreams... This is the time of year where teachers are writing good-bye messages to their leaving pupils. Miss Jenny sends the poem that UP pupils recited during the International Festival with every pupil leaving ISG. It is time to say good-bye to friends. It is never easy to see a dear friend leave and it is difficult not to know when we meet again. Upper Primary pupils take their good-byes seriously and they make sure that everybody leaving our class feels that they will be missed! Next year, Rita, Hanna, Ariadne, Aarshi, Vitor, Luka, Kavya, Ally and Jood are all starting the new school year in new schools. Upper Primary will be a different class then – new pupils will join us. We wish all our friends leaving ISG the very best! To really celebrate our year together, pupils had a great End-of-year fun activity – a very sporty End-of-year fun – during the last week of school. Pupils cycled to Blaarmeersen and there they climbed and challenged themselves on the high ropes course together with Mr Gilles and Mr Peter. Lots of fun! Tired, but happy pupils returned to school after this excursion!...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

Treasure and Pirates!

The end of the year has arrived! What a great year we have had in upper pre-primary. We have welcomed so many new children to our class throughout the year. Each child settled in so quickly and became a part of our little group. The last two months have been all about ‘Treasure’. I have had a super band of pirates in my class! We kicked off the unit with our wonderful treasure hunt. The children showed great skills in map reading to finally find the treasure box filled with jewels and goodies! The children have enjoyed bringing their special treasures to school and presenting them to the class. They have also been very creative while making pieces of treasure from things they found in nature. During this unit on ‘Treasure’, the children have gained lots of new knowledge and skills. They have been learning about real pirates and where they sailed. They made a world map to indicate their travels. They learnt the names of the oceans of the world and many of the seas. The children learnt about islands and the different kind of islands that exist – coral, tidal, volcanic and tropical islands. They drew pictures of islands and made...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

March and April in Middle Pre-Primary

Spring is here!  Has your child been singing our new spring song at home?  We are feeling so much joy and energy these days as the sunshine lightens up our days and the warmth brightens our moods.  We are finding excuses to dash outside whenever we can manage it – spending our time writing poems, doing activities, and tending to our sweet garden (stay tuned for news of radishes, kale, sunflowers, and sugar snap peas – all things that we’ve been sprouting inside our classroom in the hopes of harvesting before school is out for the summer!).  I hope you’ve been enjoying these first glimpses of spring just as much as the children have.

We began our Animals IPC unit by choosing and creating our own animal headbands and acting like animals on the Primary children’s playground.  The children do not play on the Primary playground during school hours, so this was a special treat!  There were ferocious tigers, cuddly koalas, trumpeting elephants, and an ox, among others.

One of the most interesting moments during our Animals unit came early on during one of our circle discussions.  I asked the children if they could tell...Read the full article