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Lower-Primary, Year 1


We have been busy in Year 1 exploring our surroundings through our IPC unit ‘Our World’. The children have learned about our local area through a neighbourhood walk and mapping activity.  This activity encouraged them to look at familiar places in a new light and to take a closer look at the things we often take for granted. We have also been delving into the history of Gent. We visited the Gent City Museum (STAM) where we learned all about what the city was like in the past. We also took a look at modern day Gent and discovered how it has been shaped by its rich history.


As well as this, we went to the local woods where we were met by a guide who helped us to explore and understand woodlands. We found out all about the plants and animals that live there, we learned how to find the oldest tree in the forest and went on a bug hunt where we caught and examined different bugs and animals- such as woodlice, beetles and even frogs! These three trips have helped the children create a better picture of our immediate surroundings and the area we live in. We will continue with this IPC unit this term.


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Middle Primary, Year 3/4

It is Autumn

In Year 3 and 4 we’ve been extremely busy practicing our numeracy skills, working with fractions, capacity, measurements, shapes and word problems. As always we are learning while having fun, either working in small groups or all together as a single group.

Our reading rotation mornings are now well established. Kids get to read one on one with the teacher while the rest of the class is working independently on different tasks. There is a "task list" where the class keeps record of the tasks that are completed. This way every student is responsible for his or her own learning.

We have made a few Halloween crafts before the holidays which the children really enjoyed.

In IPC we finished our Chocolate unit and we are looking forward to our trip to the Chocolate museum in Brugge. We also had a chocolate workshop at school where we had the opportunity to make our own chocolate, this was a lot of fun.

To finish the term we had our Halloween dress-up and party. Thank you Year 3 and 4 for a wonderful term. We are looking forward to the new term and to learning a lot of new things. Our new IPC unit will be...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

We are all about Chocolate!!!

Hi all,

Lots of learning going on in Year 2!

We have delved into our maths programme where the children have been learning to use money, we set up a little shop in our classroom for them to really get the feeling of buying and selling.  We have explored 2D shapes and their properties. The children have also been learning to measure in decimetres, centimetres and meters, they have been measuring each other, the length and width of our classroom and corridor, amongst other things! They now know which measurement is best for measuring big or small objects.

Part of our grammar focus has been on punctuation, which is always tricky for children, so we have been working hard on this through reading and writing, we have also been learning to use question words and proper nouns correctly.

Our IPC project ‘Chocolate’ continues to grasp the children. The last weeks we zoomed in on the science and the health benefits of chocolate and also dental hygiene.
The children have been exploring the temperatures needed to melt chocolate and then how to harden it. This learning was merged with a workshop prepared...Read the full article

Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

Make the world a better place

Upper Primary pupils enjoyed the Exit Point of our IPC unit ‘Going global’. After learning more about sweat shops, child labour and other horrible work conditions, pupils focused on how to make the world a better place. They researched charities and learned more about Fair Trade. Our Personal value Respect has been alive in the classroom since the start of the school year – and one way to show respect is to treat others fairly. Our golden rule is to treat others the way we want to be treated, so Fair Trade makes sense to all of us. Pupils designed a new Fair Trade logo and decorated their t-shirts with wonderful designs. Their first question was if they were allowed to wear their t-shirts whenever they wanted – and, yes, of course, we want to spread the word, so if you see a young member of the global community wearing a beautiful t-shirt with a unique Fair Trade logo on it, please comment on it!

Pupils have now wrapped up a writing assignment, where research about Trading in the past was linked to an adventure story. This writing task was a long process, starting with thinking through the plot and making a plan, writing...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

All about me!

The ‘All about me’ unit has brought great learning and great fun to Upper Pre-Primary! The children have learnt so much about each other over these past few weeks. They enjoyed being measured with a meter stick and finding out their heights! They have learnt where their friends come from and what their flag looks like. They loved learning about the continents of the world – making their own globe, learning the names of the continents, learning ‘the continents song’ and finding out different interesting facts about each continent.  

They worked very hard painting their large self portrait and then decorating it by writing captions of things they like. Well done everyone for this great work! The children really showed resilience to complete the work and not give up! They have learnt about our second ‘personal value’ and often say to me very proudly ‘Miss Mia I want to stop but I’m going to keep going, I will show resilience’! Nice understanding of the value! When their posters were completed they presented them one by one to the whole class. It was a very special sharing moment (their first presentation...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

October in Middle Pre-Primary

Hello parents, loved ones, and visitors!

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who prepared for and attended our sweet little party to celebrate the conclusion of our All About Me unit.  The children were s o  e x c i t e d  to host you in their classroom, and they worked hard to prepare their songs to share with you, including the world debut of Middle Pre-Primary’s original, “The Pickle Song”!  (The song has continued to get even more creative....today the pickles found themselves in "a dark night castle of a queen."  How do they come up with this?!) I hope you got a chance to chat with your child about their All About Me learning as well as to sample the snacks and goodies from around the world.  We absolutely loved having you here with us!

Earlier this month, we created our very original self-portraits out of paint, construction paper, yarn, glue, markers, and pencils.  This process took the children many days (and many glimpses into mirrors!).  Each of their portraits came out so sweetly unique – isn’t it amazing how we see ourselves?  We have also spent much time discussing where we come from.  The...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Starting with a smile :)

Welcome to our Lower Pre-Primary blog!

First, I would like to give a very warm welcome to five new children who have joined our class this year. Suzumi, Takumi, Luigi, Ira and Elliot, you have settled in so well and brought a lot of joy to our group.

I would like to thank Miss Anne, Miss Nadia and Miss Yaiza for all their help and support. We are very lucky to have you in LPP.

Over the last few weeks we have been busy getting to know each other and adjusting our classroom routines.

We played, sang, danced and read some great stories. It was amazing to see how nicely the children play and help each other without having the language. I am proud of them all!

Last week, we began our first IPC unit ‘All about me’. We enjoyed our ‘Entry Point’ together with MPP and UPP. The children came to school with their favourite clothes and brought their favourite toy. We shared our favourite snacks and had a small party. We played games and sang songs together. It was such a fun day!

We created our self-portraits from different materials, while looking at the mirror...Read the full article