All about food

Dear Families and Friends, welcome back to our blog!

Over the last few weeks, LPP were having fun learning about food. We started our topic with a lovely visit to the local bakery, ‘Broko’. Eitam, the owner, gave us a special tour, explaining us all about baking bread and cakes. The children were amazed by the size of the mixer and the oven at the bakery, they touched and smelled the yeast and enjoyed eating delicious fresh bread and a cake.

Inspired by the visit at the bakery, we created our own bakery in class. We made salt dough cookies and painted a big box to create a big oven. The children had lots of fun playing in the bakery, mixing ingredients, baking, eating, selling and buying pastries and bread.

We read lovely stories about food and talked about healthy and unhealthy eating. We really liked the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. We counted fruits and vegetables and sorted them by size and by colour. We made masks of caterpillars and butterflies which we used for acting out the story.

It was very exciting to bake our own bread in class and to squeeze oranges for making fresh orange juice. The children sowed cress seeds and were responsible for watering them. They were delighted to see the sprouts and they all tasted the cress but decided it was a bit too bitter for them.

To celebrate the end of our ‘Food unit’ We had a fun ‘Exit point’. We made our own special pizza! After making the dough together, the children could choose their favorite toppings and we all went to the kitchen to put the pizza in the oven. We had a small party dancing and singing songs about food, then we ate our delicious pizza. All the children were so happy and proud! Well done everyone!

The last two weeks were all about Christmas. Painting Christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen, singing songs and practicing for the Christmas show.  It was so nice to celebrate together, and we were very proud of our five little snowmen.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy your family and friends and we will meet again in 2020.