All about me

We have been busy in LPP learning all about ourselves. Where do we come from? What do we like to eat? which animal is our favourite and which colour do we like the most?

We all painted our home country flags, cut photos of food that we like to eat, made hand and foot prints and created beautiful ‘All about me’ books.

We learnt about parts of our body and had a lot of fun counting eyes, ears, hands, fingers and toes. We read stories, sang songs and played many games in order to enrich our vocabulary. Many of us put on our doctor outfit and became doctors. When you are a good doctor just like in LPP class, you ask the patient to tell you where is the pain? Is it the head? the shoulder? Maybe the knee?  

Learning through games is what we do in class, so we all looked in the mirror and saw the colour of our hair, our skin and our eyes. We talked about the beauty of being different. How boring it was if we all looked the same. We looked in the mirror again and said one thing that we love about our face/body.

Reading the lovely book ’when I grow up I want to be me’ by Sandra Magsamen brought a great discussion about the future and our freedom to choose doing whatever we wish for. The girl in the book said she might be a doctor or a dancer, an astronaut or a fire fighter. There was one thing she knew for sure… ‘when I grow up I want to be me’. 

We had a fantastic ‘exit point’ with our lovely children and their mums. All children were very excited to organize our classroom as a museum presenting the ‘All about me’ exhibition. All mums brought delicious snacks representing their home country and we enjoyed a great afternoon together looking at photos, art and sharing our learning. Thanks everyone for your cooperation!

We had a fun week making decorations for our Halloween party. The party was a great success!

Last week was all about Autumn season. We went on a short trip to see the colours of Autumn, to feel the wind and to collect some beautiful autumn leaves. We danced to the musical work ‘The four seasons’ by Antonio Vivaldi and painted our own art for autumn.

We had an amazing trip to the farm in Drongen, all children had so much fun feeding and petting sweet animals.

Now we are ready to start our new IPC unit of work. We will have our ‘entry point’ on Wednesday.

We wish you all a wonderful long weekend. See you on Tuesday.