Clothes, clothes and more clothes!

Hello everybody,

LPP had a wonderful start to the new year . A big welcome to 2 new friends, Hargun and Jonathan. We are so happy to have you in our class!

Kasper, the beaver, made a visit to our class and brought his book to read.

Kasper’s apron is completely ruined and he wants to make a new one. We helped him choose the right color and pattern. We also found out which materials he uses to make it. This was a good way to introduce our new IPC unit “Clothes”.

We started with a grand entry point: the parade.  All the pre-primairy children showed their outfits to each other. Our class also came up to the front of the parade to tell the audience their name and which country they are from. I was so proud of them!

The next day we found a pile of clothes in our classroom! They really needed sorting. We sorted them according to colour,size and pegged the clothes on a line. Then we pinned numbers on the clothes in the right order.

On odd sock day we looked for matching socks and came up with funny variations.

We talked about our own clothes, what we like and dislike. We came to the conclusion that there are so many clothes! There is a difference in jackets, sweaters,pants,dresses. Some are thick, some are long or short.

The changing of the climate and  seasons make us choose different kinds of clothes. We looked for clothes we can wear in winter, summer,when it is raining,snowing and so on. There were a few different opinions what to wear in these changing circumstances.

But do they know where the clothes come from? The answer was:” from  mammy”.

By touching and feeling different fabrics the children learnt that there are soft and harder fabrics.  We named them linnen,wool and silk. The children were fascinated to see in a short movie how sheep are shaved.

We also discussed where to go shopping for clothes. They had a lot of stories so we decided to invent our own clothes shop. In the shop  you could not only buy clothes but also accesories.

Eventually the shop expanded with a hair and beauty salon. What a great imagination the children have! It was amazing to observe them while they were playing and having so much fun.  

By reading the story” The emperor’s new clothes “ was a good way to create our own puppet show. We made a small theatre and  acted out the story with finger puppets. Then the children started to invent new stories by using other puppets. It was so funny!

For exit point there was a visit of the police who came in a real police car.After listening to police stories the highlight was definitely a visit in the police car.

The police woman was so nice and impressed by the good manners of the children that one by one they were allowed to press the button to switch on the lights and the sirene. The look on their faces was super. After a highfive to the police we went back to the classroom.

During the unit there was time to create some nice art and craft works and of course time for a lot of playing!!

The children learnt some new songs like ‘In winter I put on my jacket…’, ‘miss Polly had a dolly’, I am a little penguin’, 5 monkeys swinging on a tree’ and so on.

In February we celebrated Luigi’s 4th birthday. It is always nice to celebrate with our class!

I could write so much more but the photos speak for themselves.

I feel priviliged to have the opportunity to work and play with your children. They are really amazing!

I wish you all a lovely holiday!


Miss Anne