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IPC communication Buildings Geography Literacy, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta

Buildings all around us!

Time flies when you are having fun!

January 2021 is gone! We have been so busy learning, creating, constricting, discovering… that time seems to fly at the speed of light!

This term our project ‘Buildings’ has been an amazing adventure. We are busy making a booklet full of important information about famous buildings from around the world. Every week we study 2 buildings, and the children record important facts about each building and they also make sketches of them. The children were eager to share all this knowledge with our community, therefore every week the kids prepare a mini presentation and together we make a short video featured on seesaw. In addition to this,  every other week the kids have the opportunity to show what they have learned with a short presentation in our school assembly.  It is remarkable to see how the kids have developed their presentation and oral skills. I am super proud of all of them because with their effort and commitment they show an understanding of the value of communication.

If you are ready to take a tour around the world…take a look at the following YouTube links (...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Inbal & Ms.Anne


Dear parents

It has been lots of fun to be back at ISG. We started this new year with the very fun animal unit. This unit has given the children a lot of roleplaying in our jungle and in the sports hall with Mr Francis. We have been practicing a lot of fun songs about animals during this period and I hope you have heard some at home. We have been practicing our vocabulary through stories about animals and using pictures of animals for sorting and matching. Crafts has been a big part of the animal unit. Exploring different animals and their features. I am not the only new addition to our lovely Lower Pre-Primary group. We also welcomed Milanka, Joon Hu and Noee to our family.

The Pre-Primary playground has gotten two new pedagogical features to play with. Both are to stimulate learning through play. We have the lovely willow hut with its tunnel to stimulate those imaginary games and the mud kitchen where the children can experiment with water and sand.

Aura from Upper Pre-Primary came to read a story for us, this was very appreciated! During this period, we also had four children who turned three years old!...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Ms Sophie & Ms. Narissa

Fantasy and Woods Explorations in Middle Primary

Lower-Primary - Ms Erica

Architects, designers and builders!

Dear friends and families,

This term has been all about buildings and the children have been developing their design, architecture and construction skills! They decided they wanted to plan and build a city; one of the construction materials available in the classroom is Makedo- Makedo is a building system using screws and saws to cut and fit pieces of cardboard together. Armed with a basic know-how of how to use it, the children were eager to get started and set to work constructing a range of different buildings. Over the next few weeks, the city started to take form and the children worked together to make a park, lay the roads, carefully place each building in position, number and labels the structures, design the river and build bridges to cross it. The children chose to use Bee-Bots to traverse the city. Bee-Bots are simple robots that can be programmed to make journeys around different maps. Creating roads for Bee-Bots takes time and careful measuring. Now the hard work was done, the children could finally start to programme in the instructions and get the Bee-Bots to make journeys around the city. They thoroughly...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Mr Jamie

Taking aim: Habitats!

This term we welcomed back a familiar face to the classroom, good to see you again Maya! As winter days settled around us we thought back to warmer times, crafting poems about the sun using our new-found skills of simile and alliteration. Within our poetry unit students also thought ahead, first researching and then creating pieces to the prompt “If I could travel…”. Despite travel restrictions we were transported around the world through inspired imagery and figurative language! Destinations included the North Pole, Japan, Mexico, the UK, Hawaii and even Belgium. Have a look at our display in photos below!


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Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Mia

All about animals!

First and foremost a big welcome to Alek and Seo Hu who have joined our class since our last blog! After making lovely firework pictures, to start the new year, we got stuck into a very knowledge rich unit on animals. For our ‘entry point’ the children made animal masks and then while wearing their masks they completed various activities to be considered ‘real animals’. Escaping from Mr. Romain, our fast and fierce ‘Jaguar’ was quite a challenge but a lot of fun! Our focus at the beginning of the unit was on the ‘Rainforest’. The children learnt about rainforests and where in the world they were situated. As Luigi is in our class, their favourite rainforest was the Amazon rainforest of South America. They learnt about the different layers in the rainforest – the forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer and the different animals that live in each layer. They drew beautiful pictures to represent these layers. The pictures are amazing and show good understanding. We also created our own rainforest in the classroom, where the children loved to play with our collection of soft animals. Their favourite bird...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Jenny

The Great, The Bold and the Brave

Upper Primary started the new year by welcoming two new classmates, Lucas from Brazil and Regina from the USA. We have also celebrated a few birthdays here in the classroom. Happy birthday to Riya, Lucas and Kyrell, our January and February birthday UP pupils!

We have had some dark and rainy days during the 6 weeks between the Winter Holidays and the Mid Term Break, but that didn’t stop us from being active and busy in class! We have still not yet wrapped up our IPC-unit, ‘The Great, The Bold, The Brave’, but we have already come across many interesting people and ideas from the ancient times. The IPC-books are filled with notes from different research projects, and pupils' models and displays are filling up the hallway walls and tables. We have investigated many aspects of the old Greek and Roman societies and have looked at the differences and similarities with modern day life. From religion to sport, and from family life to architecture, we have tried to investigate it all. The whole class combined the writing focus from last term, playscripts, with the new IPC-unit and performed plays during Assembly. They made any...Read the full article