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Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Mia

All about Clothes!

Hello everyone! First, I would like to welcome Sebastian, Ganesh and Miss Katerina to our class, they have all settled in wonderfully and have immediately become a part of our little school family.

To start the year off the children painted explosive firework paintings and wrote some very thoughtful new year’s resolutions. I hope they’ve been keeping them!

Following this we have had a very interesting, creative and knowledge rich study on ‘Clothes’. For our ‘entry point’  the children came to school dressed in their traditional clothes or clothes with the colours from their flag. We had a fun parade and enjoyed visiting the primary classes where the children had to guess our nationality!

To get interested in clothes and design each child made their own cut out doll which they dressed in clothes and material of their choice. This involved lots of patience cutting the material and then gluing it correctly on the body. The finished dolls looked lovely, some unusual pattern combinations but all unique and very personal!

The children learnt about clothes from different countries and...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Jenny

Exploring space

Upper Primary pupils have really liked the IPC-unit, ‘Mission to Mars’, and they have engaged in different activities with a lot of energy. They have learnt a lot about the harsh living conditions on the red planet. They have researched the atmosphere, geographical features and different ways to explore space, for example by using rovers and telescopes. They have looked at the history of space travelling, from the first manned missions to the exciting space missions that will take place this year. Pupils have researched different energy sources used here on Earth and tried to think what could work on Mars. Friday 14th of February, year 5/6 visited Cozmix in Bruges and got to use the telescopes, listen to an explanation of the first space mission to the moon as well as see a movie about space on a 360° screen. It was a marvellous school trip.

Pupils have also used their knowledge in different ways, for example by building a 3D diorama of a possible manned space station on Mars. They thought about the cold temperatures and the violent storms that their equipment would have to endure. Pupils used recycled...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Ms Narissa

Winter Wonders in MP2

November & December

The end of the year has come and gone and the weather is starting to get a bit colder…or rather more rainy!
However, the rain and cold has not dampened MP2’s spirits and they have had a very full couple of months!

A very Happy Birthday to 3 of our class, Mirei, Rafa and Ying Ying. It’s always nice to celebrate with our class!

We had a great time visiting Ms Sterre in Brussels for a fantastic concert and art performance, ISG even had their name displayed on the train board at the station!

In Literacy we have started to use our CAFÉ board to help us direct our own learning. CAFÉ stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Extend Vocabulary and helps us remind ourselves and each other what reading strategy we are working on at the moment.

In Numeracy Year 3 and 4 have both been studying measurement, times tables and division as well as revising a lot of what they have already learnt for their end of term tests. They should all be very proud of their results!

In IPC, the students have been busy learning about the difference between significant and famous...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Erica

Happy holidays everyone!

It has been a busy and productive half term with lots of Christmas inspired activities, an amazing performance and a trip to the city centre!

We have been learning all about people who inspire us through our IPC topic ‘People of the Past’. At home, the children researched a person who stimulated their imagination and who’s actions inspire them. During our Entry Point, the children shared this information with one another, bringing books, images or items related to that person. We have a wide range of interesting and varied individuals ranging from artists such as Frida Kahlo, to activists like Susan B. Anthony and King Sejong, the inventor of the Korean alphabet.

Using the beautiful series of books Little People, Big Dreams the children have been delving into the lives of amazing people who have made a difference to the world. They have been learning how to draw out relevant and interesting information and how to present it. They made beautiful and informative posters about these incredible people and their achievements.

We went on a walking tour of Gent to discover more about it’s rich and varied...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta

People from the past!

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas….

….and a 2020 full of learning!

 Hello everybody! Lower primary has been doing lots of amazing learning these past few weeks…

The best way to learn and improve any skill is through lots of practice… and Lower Primary knows it.  We worked very hard to get our Christmas dance ready for all our friends and family. It wasn’t easy to learn all the steps and to move to new rhythms. But the children showed resilience and international mindedness.  Everybody did an amazing job! I could not be prouder of all my class!

We have jumped into our new International Primary Curriculum unit: People from the past. During this unit, we will study important persons from the past who have shaped our world one way or another; activists, musicians, explorers, scientists, leaders, humanists….

For our Entry Point, the class talked about one famous person they consider inspirational. We talked about how they contributed to history. The children gathered information about...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Inbal

All about food

Dear Families and Friends, welcome back to our blog!

Over the last few weeks, LPP were having fun learning about food. We started our topic with a lovely visit to the local bakery, ‘Broko’. Eitam, the owner, gave us a special tour, explaining us all about baking bread and cakes. The children were amazed by the size of the mixer and the oven at the bakery, they touched and smelled the yeast and enjoyed eating delicious fresh bread and a cake.

Inspired by the visit at the bakery, we created our own bakery in class. We made salt dough cookies and painted a big box to create a big oven. The children had lots of fun playing in the bakery, mixing ingredients, baking, eating, selling and buying pastries and bread.

We read lovely stories about food and talked about healthy and unhealthy eating. We really liked the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. We counted fruits and vegetables and sorted them by size and by colour. We made masks of caterpillars and butterflies which we used for acting out the story.

It was very exciting to bake our own bread in class and to squeeze oranges for making fresh orange juice...Read the full article

Lower Primary - Ms Beth

Changing Seasons

With the cold mornings and dark evenings rolling in, it is safe to say winter is upon us here at ISG. Continuing our Friday afternoon visits to the local area, the children have been observing the natural rhythm of the year and continued writing poetry about the seasonal changes…

“Autumn leaves falling down, down, down…” Anaya

“The leaves are falling down, and all of the leaves are all around.” Rianna

“The trees are always singing and whistling.” Maria

The changing of the seasons also brought along with it a new IPC topic entitled People of the Past. It was so exciting to see how eager the children were to get started and the wide range of interesting and unique people they brought with them to introduce to each other. From writers to activists, kings to musicians the individuals the children selected, came from all walks of life. It was strange to see the great musician Mozart, aka Alexander, giving a cello recital to the astronaut Neil Armstrong, aka Caius, and activist Pocahontas, aka Julia – all happening under one roof on a rainy Monday afternoon!

Developing their ideas further,...Read the full article