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Upper Pre-Primary

Last weeks of sand and water!

The children have continued to enjoy and learn from this lovely unit on sand and water. The have had more time to explore, investigate and play through plenty of hands on activities. The mud kitchen, making bubbles and our exercise using a nail brush were all a great success! They have also enjoyed doing different water experiments. They have particularly enjoyed the work on floating and sinking where they had to record their results like real scientists! We were delighted to welcome Felipe’s father to our class to tell us about his work with ships in the port of Zeebrugge. Afterwards the children were inspired to make a ship in our class and were busy making all the necessary parts! The children learnt about different sea animals with a special emphasis on fish, sharks and whales. They loved painting the huge blue whale which is hanging up in the lunch room! They enjoyed learning facts about whales and were amazed that the blue whale eats four million krill in a day! We have been singing a song called ‘baby beluga’ in our class and the children were delighted to sing it to the whole school at assembly! Make sure they sing it...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

Fun with sand and water!

Hello everyone!

We have had a few quite exciting weeks since returning from the Easter break and lots to share with you.

First, we would like to welcome Yuya who has become a wonderful new friend in our MMP family!

Returning from the Easter break we had a great time learning and putting our math skills into practice for Math week. We made pizzas and learnt about whole and half and used our subtraction skills to find out how many slices would be left if we ate half of our pizza. We made a large and very colourful number chart with our hands and used it for counting and addition! We also made a picture of a queen with lots of different shapes as well as learning two letter sounds ‘p’ and ‘q’! Finally we planted our own seeds, measuring how much soil we would put into our pots, how many seeds we would add and how much water we would squirt onto the soil.

The following week we began our new IPC unit with a fantastic ‘Sand and Water’ fun day for our Entry Point. The children had lots of fun making sandcastles, making an artificial ‘lake’. We played with...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Sand, water and some frogs too!

Hello everyone!

 Another few weeks passed in Lower Pre-Primary and the summer is approaching! After the Easter holiday we were lucky to welcome Malin from Sweden and Anan from China. Welcome to ISG and we hope you have fun learning and growing at our school.

The first two weeks after the holiday we spent time getting to know each other and had a ‘unit free’ time. We did all sorts of painting including water and fingerpainting. We practiced our cutting skills and even painted with balloons! We played games where we learned the colours and what happens when we mix them. We also practiced the numbers and counting using fun blow-up numbers and blocks.

In the beginning of May we started our new IPC unit Sand and Water. Our entry point was a big success! We had a sand and water day in the classroom where trays were set up to engage experimenting and exploring with different kinds of sand, water, mud and toys.

Thanks to Sebastian and his family we were lucky to get some tadpoles in our classroom! We learned about the lifecycle of frogs and learned a song about five little speckled frogs:...Read the full article

I'm alive learning maths week, IPC, Lower-Primary

I'm alive

Welcome back to the Lower Primary Blog!


We hope everybody had a fantastic Easter Holiday! We came back energized and ready for the last stretch of this academic year. The children are fantastic and I am just amazed to see how much they have developed and how much they have learned! 


Immediately after the holidays the entire school became immersed in our first Maths Week! The children could experience first hand that mathematics is a part of our daily lives and it is not just about numbers and arithmetic. 


For starters Lower Primary organized a ‘Snack Shop’. The children brought lovely snacks from home, watermelon, cookies, cake, fruit, jello-o, cupcakes, dry fruit, brownies… you name it! The class made labels with the different prices and then set up a shop. All primary students had the opportunity to buy the snacks using real money. The class counted the money and also gave change when needed. What a great way to learn! When the shop was closed we organized the different coins according to their value and we counted the money using the addition strategies that we had learned!...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

Learning, investigating and exploring!

To begin I would like to give a warm welcome to Hiromi, Minami, Lana and Aayush who have joined our class. They are all settling in very well and are already part of our little family!

After the Easter break we came back to school and had a super ‘Maths week’. It was a great week where we just focused on maths activities. The children made their very own live number line for doing addition. They had to jump the correct number of spaces to find the answer! It was great fun with great learning! We also put lots of time into counting - going all the way to 100! The children were introduced to measurement and weight. They enjoyed playing with our new metre stick and looking for things in the classroom that were 1 metre long. They learnt about weight, using our classroom scales to see what objects were heavier and lighter. We also weighed ourselves and compared our weights! They children learnt the names of many 2D and 3D shapes. They explored shapes by making different shapes with sticks and making a beautiful abstract art painting. They also made a ‘cube’ which some of the children turned into a dice!...Read the full article