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Lower-Primary, Year 1

Getting out and about

These past months have been filled with learning opportunities outside the classroom. Before the Easter holidays, Year 1 visited the International School of Leuven to participate in this year’s Battle of the Scientists. They met scientists from around the world and learned about their projects, voting for their favourite and presenting them with beautiful homemade trophies.

After the holidays we kicked off with Word Adventure Week where we looked in depth at the story of Alice in Wonderland and went on an Alice in Wonderland adventure in the woods organised by the students of Erasmus School in De Pinte. The trip ended with a fabulous Mad Hatter’s tea party which was enjoyed by all.

For the start of our new IPC unit ‘Live and Let Live’, Year 1 and Year 2 went on a trip to the zoo for our Entry Point. We saw many different animals from across the globe and it was a great introduction to our new topic where we will be learning all about living things and what they need to survive. It was wonderful to see such a wide variety of animals and learn more about them.

In literacy we have been busy looking at poetry...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 3/4

Happy, messy learning!

How time flies! The year 4 pupils have been super busy learning and facing their challenges with resilience!

We wrapped up the ‘Active Planet’ unit with a fun day of hands-on activities. We finally got to see our salt-dough volcano erupt – you put baking soda, food colouring, soap and vinegar in it, then everything bubbles up. Really cool! We also made lava lamps, a seismograph and tested which liquid runs faster: honey or soap.

We went on two amazing trips to participate in events. The first one was Sing! – an interactive concert at BOZAR, in Brussels. It was fun to sing along with a real orchestra and almost one thousand children! The second one was the Battle of the Scientists, organized by ISG and ISL, who hosted it this year. Their presentations were super interesting!

There were also special visitors: a group of dental students came to teach us all about our teeth and how to keep them clean and healthy.

Just before the Easter break, we had a very special guest, a real bunny! He is so cute and calm, he got to spend the whole morning with us. Thank you Felwa!

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Upper Pre-Primary

Classroom fun and learning about Animals!

Firstly, I would like to give a warm welcome to Solomon who joined our class in March and to Vritika who joined our class last week. We are delighted to have them with us. Since our last blog it has all been about ‘Animals’. We have had so much fun and so much learning!

We kicked off our unit with a wonderful ‘entry point’. The children had a morning filled with different activities they had to complete, led by their animal trainer (Miss Mia)! Our lovely pictures of this event you have seen hanging outside our classroom!

We began by learning about the Rainforest - the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that live there. The children situated the rainforests on a world map. Their favourite rainforest was the ‘Amazon’, which of course Fernando and Marina were very proud of! They loved the beautiful birds that live there and made some very colourful toucans of their own! We created our own rainforest in the classroom which involved the children drawing and cutting many leaves to create a wonderful canopy, they painted some tall trees to form the emergent layer. The classroom will be...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

We love outdoor learning

Dear family and friends, 

It has been a while since our last blog and we have so much to share!

The year 2's have been strengthening their grammar abilities through proof reading which is a difficult task but they are getting it. The chlidren have also been learning to use plurals, prefixes, contractions, prepositions and homophones, all of which is being incorporated into their writing skills. It is so lovely to see their skills develop!

Our focus in numeracy has been measurements, weight, capacities, fractions, doubling and halving.  The year 2's clearly love numeracy and are becoming stronger at problem solving.

Our Exit Point for Active Planet was great fun, we set up different science stations where the children made volcanoes and erupted them, they made lava lamps and seismographs. After each experiment the children had to report their findings. What a fun way to consolidate their learning!!

After the Easter break we enjoyed a week of words. We focused on Alice in Wonderland, where we engaged in many different activiites and joined another school in a fun afternoon of games, which was...Read the full article

Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

Travelling through space and time... AD 900

During the previous IPC-unit ‘Weather and climate’, Upper Primary pupils made many connections between their ongoing learning and the world around them. They are now more aware of how their behaviour, habits and attitude affect the world around them – as well as the people around them. They know that everybody has the responsibility for his or her actions. They understand that choices they make affect others.

The Big Clean Up was a successful Exit Point for that unit. Fully prepared with garbage sticks, gloves and garbage bags from Ivago, pupils were ready to make a difference here in Ghent. Passers-by gave Upper Primary pupils a thumbs up or supporting comments.

Before this Exit Point, pupils had spent a lot of time programming, creating their own online quizzes using Scratch, and it was fantastic to see how they helped each other through this activity. There was a lot of frustration involved in this activity, some pupils even, by mistake, pressed the wrong button and deleted a lot of work – but they were supportive and resilient and they helped each other through the challenges.

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Lower Pre-Primary

Animals all around!

Hello everyone,

First of all: a very warm welcome to our new friend Samuel who joined our class this week. We are very happy to have you with us.

LPP had so much fun learning about animals. We started our new topic pretending we were animals. We all chose an animal that we like and made our own special animal mask. We went outside and played different games practicing our gross motor skills. We were climbing like monkeys, jumping like frogs and running like tigers.

We created a lovely jungle corner in our classroom. All children enjoyed painting trees and cutting leaves. We went on a trip to the jungle by listening to a song with beautiful nature sounds and learned about animals that live in the jungle. We saw photos of different animals and talked about colours, shapes and sizes. We sang new songs about animals and enjoyed listening to lovely stories.

We learned about farm animals, the food that they like and the names of their young ones. The children were happy to learn about the life cycle of a hen and were all amazed to watch a video of a chick hatching out of the egg. The children kept busy...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Once Upon a Time... Let's Pretend Unit

Hello Everyone!

LPP have had lots of fun over the last two months. First we would like to give a warm welcome to our three new girls who come all the way from India. Anshika, Saanvi and Tanvisha, it is so nice to have new friends in our group. Welcome to ISG, sweet girls!

Inspired by our IPC unit called ‘Let’s Pretend’, let us tell you all about what we have been doing in Lower Pre-Primary over the last few weeks…

Once upon a time, there were eleven children from all around the world who went to a special school in a town called Ghent. The children loved to learn, to play and to sing together. They were good friends, who enjoyed spending time together, helping and supporting each other.

The days became shorter and the weather turned colder but inside the warm and cosy class the little children were busy learning about winter. They painted penguins and snowmen and practiced counting winter images.

One day, the children were...Read the full article