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Middle Primary

We are surrounded by 'Living Things'

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine!!

Straight after the Easter break with got into a week of maths: we problem solved, measured, worked on graphs, made our own math board games, played different math games and of course all of Primary were involved in the Set tournament. It was a wonderful week of learning and putting what we already know into practice.

In literacy we have been learning all about prepositions, prefixes and comparatives through songs, actions and of course by doing exercises.
Climate change is a huge issue and with Earth Day in April we focused on the effects climate change is having on our world and what we could do to help. We watched interesting videos on this subject, brainstormed ideas on how to help and then 'put pen to paper'. The interesting results can be seen outside our classroom. The children also spoke about this during assembly to make other pupils aware.

In numeracy we have been measuring, weighing and...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

All About Bears!!!

Hello everyone,
I would like to give a warm welcome to Marceau and Vidyut who joined our class. They are lovely boys and we are very happy to have them in Lower Pre-Primary.  They are taking their first steps in school and we wish them good luck.
Over the last few weeks, we had lots of fun learning about bears. Our entry point was a great success. We had a lovely teddy bear picnic, and all children brought their favourite teddy bear from home and prepared sandwiches for all kids and teddies. The picnic was delicious and afterwards we enjoyed fun bear games. 
We read many stories about bears, sang bear songs, counted and sorted bears according to different categories such as size and colour and made arts and crafts related to bears.
The kids loved the story ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. After listening to the story, we created our own forest as well as the house of the three bears. All children helped to paint daddy bear, mommy bear and baby bear then they brought three chairs, three beds and three bowls to the bear’s house. The children enjoyed playing in the new corner that we...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

Learning about bears!

Hello and welcome back to the MPP blog!


First we would like to say a big hello to Abdulrahman who has settled in fantastically and makes a wonderful addition to our class family!

After the half term break we began our new IPC unit ‘Bears’. Our Entry Point was a great success and the children really enjoyed their teddy bear picnic. We made our own sandwiches (one for us and one for our teddy of course!). Then we joined the rest of Pre-Primary for our picnic with all our teddies and sandwiches. We also played some teddy bear games and had a teddy bear race too!

Our bears unit was super exciting with lots of interesting things to learn and do. We learnt about the 8 species of bears, the children learnt some basic facts about the bears and then they imagined and practised what it would be like to be each bear. We also learnt about what countries bears lived in and explored what their habitats were like.

We read the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and turned our role-play area into the ‘three bears’ house. We painted the bricks and flowers...Read the full article

IPC Green Fingers Entry Point Exit Point, Lower-Primary

Green Fingers

Welcome to Lower Primary blog! This past month was quite intense and exciting!

We started our new IPC project called ‘Green Fingers’. At first, the class was puzzled by this title; it sounded silly and funny to have green fingers, but as we started the project the class understood the meaning of the expression.

For our Entry Point Lower Primary made a very special ‘pet’ using nylon stockings, soil and grass seeds. We called it a pet because right from the start we had to take good care of it. The children monitored and watered it every day! Within a few days our ‘pets’ started to change and we were amazed to see how fast the seeds started to germinate; within one week the grass was growing everywhere. The grass is still growing and our pets are doing wonderfully! Well done everybody! Take a look at the pictures.

We learned how important plants are for our planet. In fact, we learned that without plants we, humans, and also animals, would not exist. We studied the main parts of a plant, the main parts of a flower and also how plants disperse their seeds. We...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

Bears,bears everywhere!

I would like to give a warm welcome to Leo who joined our class from China. He is a lovely boy who has quickly become part of the group.

From start to finish our IPC unit on bears has been super fun and filled with learning! I think I have quite a few bear specialists in my class now! During our work on bears the children’s learning has covered many subjects such as geography, nature, language and arts and crafts.

We began the unit with our entry point which was a teddy bear picnic. The children themselves wrote about the entry point which is displayed in our classroom. They prepared sandwiches and fruit for the picnic, which took place in the gym (due to rainy weather conditions!) along with the middle and lower pre-primary classes. We enjoyed a yummy picnic with our teddy bears followed by bear games and races.

Back in the class we made little beds with blankets for our teddies!

The children made beautiful bear portraits of their own bears using wax crayons, they are becoming great little artists!

The children have learnt about the 8 species of bears – the Asian black bear,...Read the full article