Carnival time!

It's always a fun day at school when you are dressed as a cowboy, a princess or as Spiderman!

Halloween fun!

Skeletons, pirates, ghosts, pumpkins and princesses! There were all types of weird and wonderful costumes at school for our Halloween celebration!


Wacky Olympics!

What is a fun way to end the school year? With some Wacky Olympics of course! There was some faster, higher and stronger, but there was also funny group chants, coloured costumes, older children supporting the little ones, silly races and just lots of smiles!

Taking learning outside!

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are so pleased to have all children coming to school fulltime. We have the normal precautions in place in the classrooms - extra ventilation, staff wearing masks and frequent handwashing. Teachers are also experimenting with taking their lessons outside more than they usually would which is presenting some lovely learning opportunties (while also being Corona safe!).

Carnival fun!

Lego men, clowns, princesses and wild animals - there were a lot of fun costumes at our carnival celebration! It is always fun to get dressed up now and again (even for the teachers). Our annual carnival parade is always a highlight in our calendar!

Loose parts play!

This year we started a new initiative in our playground involving 'Loose parts play' - we call it our Scrapstore! Children have great imaginations and are incredbily creative. Our scrapstore offers them a variety of materials to combine, stack, redesign and move to create whatever they like! In the process we see the children negotiating, sharing, problem-solving and most of all, having fun!