Three types of learning

As part of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) we focus on three types of learning - Knowledge, Skills and Understanding. Knowledge refers to factual information, Skills refers to things we are able to do and Understanding is the steady incorporation of ideas and concepts. In the January newsletter from Fieldwork Education they acknowledged how at ISG we are developing these ideas with our children. Have a read here.

Building update!

The construction of our new school building is coming along extremely well. The spaces are all coming together and we can really see what a great learning facility it will be. Come have a look!

The Primary classes on the first floor cantilever to create a covered play space outside. A Pre-Primary classroom. These classrooms all have direct acces to a sanitary block, the playground and will also have a mezzanine!The reception!The lunchroom!

Christmas Fair

Here at ISG we welcomed in the festive season singing and dancing together! Each class performed an item and then as a whole school we sang a song and had a boogie to the Jump Jam routine Santa Claus is coming to town. From all of us at ISG we wish you a Merry Christmas and our best wishes for 2016!

Looking for Learning

Fieldwork Education, the creative minds behind the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), have recognised ISG for our clear focus on improving children's learning. Involving children in discussions about how they are learning and how they can improve their learning are one of the many ways we ensure our pupils are busy learning, not just busy doing! Click here to read the latest newsletter from Fieldwork Education to find out more!


They have started on the second floor!

The construction of our new school building continues to progress quickly and smoothly. The large internal staircase has been completed and they have now started on the second floor. All is on track for the external structure to be completed by Christmas!

Bingo and bouncy castles!

On Friday 20th November our school community had a fun evening together! First of all the children were suprised to see a bouncy castle, games, parachute, bikes and toys set up when they finished school. ISG won an afternoon of fun with Free-Time after collecting old toys to donate to children in need. Afterwards we had our annual family fun Bingo night! The children were so happy to get together, have fun and try to win some prizes! A big thank-you to our fantastic Parents' Association for organising the event, to ING for sponsoring us and to Dominos for giving us a great deal for the pizzas!