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Middle Primary - Ms Sophie & Ms. Narissa

Welcome to Middle Primary 2020 - 2021!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year in Middle Primary!  We have eagerly been getting to know each other, welcoming new friends, and settling into our classroom and routines over the past few weeks.  This year we have twelve children representing twelve different countries/nationalities, including Colombia, Finland, India, U.S.A., Venezuela, Lebanon, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Uganda, and Poland.  We were thrilled to welcome Lara and Amelie, two Year 4 children brand new to ISG, who quickly became important members of our school community.  We also recently celebrated Enrique’s 9th birthday with Roblox cupcakes and a little party.  Happy birthday dear Enrique!

We began the school year by focusing on connections – the personal connections that link us as people, the international connections between the countries that we come from, and the biological connections inside of our brains that create learning.

After two weeks of settling in and sharing about ourselves and our learning, we dove right in to our first International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topic: Ancient Egypt.  What a rich,...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Mr Jamie

A Wonderful Welcome!

I’d like to start this post by saying a great big ‘thank you’ to the ISG community of parents, students and teachers for such a warm welcome. It’s been a half- term full of firsts in Middle Primary, beginning with a deep dive into Ancient Egypt as part of our IPC unit ‘Temples, Tombs and Treasures’. Students put on their historical hats and explored the importance of the River Nile, daily life and mummification as well as learning to appreciate different sources of information. We also got our hands dirty as scribes, carving clay into a cartouche with reference to the hieroglyphic alphabet! 


...Read the full article

IPC, learning IPC skills knowledge Exit-Point, Sensational, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta

Senses are our helpers!

Welcome to our class blog!

It has been amazing to see all the children back in school. I feel very fortunate to be able to work and learn with an amazing group of children!

We started this school year exploring how we best learn and the different types of learning. (skills, knowledge and understanding). The children also understood how our brain works and the importance of having a growth mindset.

During these past weeks we have been working hard improving our literacy skills. Year one has been practising their handwriting. They are beginning to write sentences independently to tell a story and they have been doing lots of amazing reading!  Yr two has been busy practising their writing skills with different types of texts, improving their reading skills, and studying different topics of grammar.

The class reads one on one with a teacher twice a week during our reading rotation sessions. During reading rotation, the kids learn how to work independently, and they are responsible for their tasks. Yr 1 students are gradually adjusting and getting used to our routines, good job Tiago, Rayaan, Elize and...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Mia

Houses and Homes

What a wonderful time we have been having in Upper Pre-Primary. The children have all settled into the class and have become great friends. There is a constant buzz of activity in the class with the children driven by excitement to learn more. In September we had a little mini project on apples. The children learnt about the parts of a tree and drew beautiful apple trees. With the yummy apples Alba brought to school, we made delicious apple crumble.

Our first IPC unit of work this year has been ‘Houses and Homes’. So much learning and activities have happened in the class surrounding this topic. We kicked off with a super ‘entry point’. The children had to go on a little hunt, around the school to find six envelopes. Each envelope contained a challenge the children had to complete before finding out where to search for the next envelope. In the final envelope the children found the ‘magic key’ which opened a room that contained different materials from which they could build houses. The search for the envelopes brought them to Ms. Jenny’s class, the music room, the lunchroom, Ms. Ellen’s...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Inbal & Ms.Anne

Houses and Homes

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the LPP blog! We have had a lovely start to the new school year and we are happy to share some of the highlights with you.

This year we have a group of 7 sweet children who come from Poland, India, Israel, Belgium, Mexico and Brazil.

At the beginning of September, we got to know each other and the daily routine. We have been playing, singing, painting and learning how to tidy-up. The children are realising how nice it is to work together as a team!

The children have been practicing their fine motor skills by making beautiful personal books. They drew their own portrait picture, stuck photos of their new friends and painted a picture of a school bag with their favourite colour.

When the children felt more confident in class, it was time to have the ‘entry point’ to our first IPC unit called ‘Houses and Homes’.

We went on a treasure hunt in the forest (Primary playground). All children were so excited to find a big box full of colourful keys. Each child received a key to open a special door. Behind each door, was a photo of the child’s real home. The children had...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Jenny, Bilingual Programme - Mr Francis

Happy Autumn holidays, human beings!

There are 17 pupils in Upper Primary this school year and they have all been very excited to be back at school after the Covid spring and the summer holiday. During the first two months, we have spent a lot of time on building routines and getting to know each other. It is nice to see that new pupils have been welcomed into the ISG family and have started to incorporate the ISG values at school, as well as the dedication to learning that we aim for at our school.

A lot of new learning has taken place, and it has been great to be back in the classroom. Pupils have been able to show the knowledge and understanding of both Numeracy, Literacy and our IPC-topic, learning about the Human body. Pupils have had PE-lessons, Music classes, Recorder group practises and much more. We have all appreciated being together at school again. We have had many Covid-safe birthday parties in our classroom since August and start of school year; Ms Jenny, Fiona, Mohana, Sarah, Mr Francis, Mr Romain, Alma, Lucia, Phoevos, Hamza have all turned one year older! Happy birthday!

We have wrapped up our first IPC-unit, ´Being Human´ in which...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Erica

Settling in....

Dear friends and families,

It’s been a great start to the school year I have loved getting to know all the children and can’t wait to continue to learn more about them each day. Despite all the upheaval from Covid and the ongoing changes to our everyday lives, the children have settled in quickly and have formed a cohesive and inclusive group. It has been exciting to watch their learning this half term and cannot wait to see where their creativity, resolve and interests take us this year. We have been incredibly lucky to have had help and support this term from Ms Anelda and Ms Maria, I am so grateful for the fantastic work they do daily to support and inspire the children's learning.

Our IPC topic Sensational has been a catalyst for many interesting investigations into how our body works and how our senses help us navigate the world around us. The workings of the body  and it’s many complexities have been an endless source of wonder for the children. There have been myriad questions and child-led investigations to find out the answers. It has been a pleasure to watch their interest and knowledge grow over the...Read the full article