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Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Mia

Food Glorious Food!

What a busy time we have been having the past two months! So much learning and so much fun! The days don’t seem to be long enough! We have celebrated Autumn with a beautiful nature walk. The children made ‘nature bags’ to collect all the treasures they found. As we walked around the children observed many kinds of mushrooms growing. This led to a very interesting study of mushrooms back at school. On our nature walk we also had the amazing luck of coming across some beehives. A very friendly beekeeper gave us some explanations about the bees. We even had to keep back a little as we saw the bees exiting and entering their hives. There was one little bee that was very weak, so the children gave him some little flowers to suck out the nectar. What an amazing experience! Our study of nature didn’t end there we also did a special study on the oak tree that grows in our garden at school.

The children have become real ‘food specialists’ after our unit on food. It all began after our lovely entry point – a trip together to a vegetarian restaurant in Ghent. What made it so special was being able to go in the kitchen and choose...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Ms Rebecca

The joys of the winter season!!

Hello dear families, 

As the end of the year is fastly approaching, we would like to give you a little update on Middle Primary.

Our Entry Point to our last project of the year, ‘They Made a Difference’, was all about significant people in the past and the present. The pupils had to look at photos of significant people and try to find out who they were/are and then research about them. The pupils made some lovely posters about all these amazing people. We also researched a number of scientists who had made discoveries or inventions and matched them with pictures that represented each of their significant stories. Lastly, we focused on Antoni Gaudi, we looked at his architecture and sculptures and discussed their forms and use of colour. The children then made mosaics based on his work.

The Year 3 numeracy pupils are extremely hard working and love their maths class. They have worked hard on multiplication and division, addition and subtraction with three digits, problem solving and programming Blue Bobs.  It is a joy to see how enthusiastic they are. Well done!!

We enjoyed an afternoon of acting...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Jenny

Wrapping up!

Upper Primary pupils have spent the last few days finishing off tasks in the classroom. Assessment portfolios and reports are going home this week so that parents can take a closer look at different tasks from this term. Pupils should be proud of their progress! They have practised many new skills, memorised new knowledge and reached new understanding, they have learnt new methods and strategies and they have added more words to their vocabulary and so on and so on!

In Literacy, pupils have been working on their reply to their pen pals in California, they have written explanations in connection to our IPC unit ‘Out of Africa’ and they have checked their grammar skills and what they need to practise more. In Numeracy, they have started their new text book, after their end-of-term test and they have discussed their maths tests with their teacher – an excellent way to learn even more Numeracy and feel confident when they solve problems.

At the end of November, pupils went on a school trip to the Natural Science Museum in Brussels, to find out more about dinosaurs. Quite some dinosaur bones and fossils have been found...Read the full article

sinterklaas!, Upper Pre-Primary - Mr Michael

Merry Christmas!

The year has come to an end and we have finished our second unit (food). Our entry point was a visit to a vegetarian restaurant for inspiration. The children have been busy tasting and smelling different spices and foods. During the unit the children discovered different types of food and what they contain, such as minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. The children have explored food in many ways. They made a still life painting of a fruit basket, looking at the shapes, colours and positioning of the fruit. They have also practiced their writing whilst making a three-course menu of their favourite dishes. Our exit point was a lovely experience. The children got to make their own pizza, which we all enjoyed eating.

 The older students have completed the first three Jolly Phonics workbooks which cover most of the single sounds. The younger students have covered the first two rows of the single sounds. They have all worked hard and I am very proud of them!

In November we celebrated Samuel’s birthday and Rayaan moved back to India. We were sad to see him leave but wish him all the best. The children also...Read the full article

Lower Primary - Ms Beth

Blossoming Ideas

And so, the Who am I topic has come to a spectacular finale… Throughout the term the children have explored their own identities and thought carefully about how they would like to present themselves to the world.

The S.M.A.K museum provided the children with endless inspiration to many new ways of thinking about self-portraits as the artwork there provided so much more information than just the physical appearance of an artist. The art alluded to more about their own personalities, culture and background. This inspired the children to develop their own curiosity boxes showing others a window into their soul. Using a multi-media approach, the children began to manipulate materials into beautiful treasures to fill their boxes with each child expressing themselves through a hundred different languages. From caves of wonder to castles for Kings, the boxes are tailormade to each individual and the children would like to invite you to come and guess which box belongs to them…

Continuing their exploration of the Who am I topic and inspired by the Fire Children, the children have been unveiling the mysteries of how the...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Erica

Who Am I?

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic autumn break and are feeling rested and ready to begin another fun-filled term.

In literacy, the children have been working extremely hard at writing their very own creation myths. They began by creating and developing the characters in their stories by making beautiful masks and then interviewing one another to really delve into their creator and how they made the world. They recorded their thoughts through story mapping; a process that helped them develop their ideas and think carefully about the beginning, middle and end of their stories. They then took these ideas and translated their story maps into a storyboard. Finally, the children choose to record their creation myths as beautifully illustrated books, like the much-loved Fire Children original. We invite you all to come and have a look outside our classroom where they are on display for all to enjoy.

We have been getting out and about in nature as much as possible and have been developing many skills such as cooperation and resilience through these valuable outdoor experiences. The children have also been using...Read the full article

exit point, IPC, knowledge, learning, Skills and Understanding, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta

Amazing Project!

Welcome back to our blog!

By now the children feel more comfortable in the class as they are now used to the new routines and the new challenges. Good job everybody!

Skills, knowledge and understanding. These are the three new words our class has been exploring and reflecting over. In class we have been discussing about these three types of learning, and the children are becoming aware of the meaning and the difference between them. This process will allow them to be aware that different types of learning is happening in the classroom.

For our IPC unit we visited the museum of modern art here in Gent (SMAK) to explore and study some portraits. It was a very fructiferous visit, our guide gave us lots of information and really inspired us to create original portraits back in our classroom.

We created a mosaic-portrait using pieces of glass and paper. It was interesting to play with colours to create the different contours of the face.

In the classroom we learned that portraits have been important in the history of art. We studied a famous artist who created wonderful self-portraits, Frida Kahlo...Read the full article