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Middle Primary, Year 3/4

Year 3 Active Planet!

Year 3 Blog February

Wow! Our very first blog as a Year 3 class. How awesome is it to have our very own class!
Year 3 have been working on so many things over the last few weeks it’s difficult to cover them all!

We had a great time completing our ‘Five Day Friendship Challenge’ as part of our personal goal this month, ‘Thoughtfulness’ .

During literacy time the students have been learning to work independently with a new method called ‘The Daily Five’.
So far, they have been doing very well with ‘Read to Self’, ‘Work on Writing’ and ‘Read to Someone’. After the break we will be looking at ‘Word Work’ and ‘Listen to Reading’.
No doubt you’ll hear them talk about I-charts, working on their ‘reading stamina’ and how to choose a ‘Good Fit’ book a lot more in the next few weeks!

In our writing time we have been practicing our journal writing, using past and present tense and making adverbs with -ly.
In our reading we have been working on ‘Checking for Understanding’ and being able to say who is in the text and what is happening.

The children have been...Read the full article

Lower-Primary, Year 1

Seeing the Light!

We have had an excellent start to 2019 in Year 1 and the children have been super busy learning all kinds of new skills. Our IPC topic this term is ‘Seeing the Light’. During our Entry Point we went to LPP’s sleeping room to experience darkness and discuss the importance of light. In art, we looked at Van Gogh’s masterpiece Starry Night and the children made their own versions of this famous painting, considering Van Gogh’s techniques, in particular his use of light, dark, colour and texture. We have also been looking nocturnal animals and are busy writing our own non-fiction texts all about them!

In Literacy, we read The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark which is a wonderful book all about how an owl overcomes his fear of the dark. The children planned their own stories which they will be using next half term to turn into shadow puppet plays. As well as this, we have been looking in depth at non-fiction writing and have been learning how to write an information text about a nocturnal animal.

In numeracy Year 1 have been learning all about the days of the week and the months of the year, as well as this we have...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 3/4

A busy start of the year

2019 started with big changes for Middle Primary. We had to say goodbye (for now!) to Ms Anelda and wish her good luck on her recovery.

Middle Primary is now split! The Year 3 class has the lovely Ms Narissa as their teacher and the Year 4s have Ms Ana. Always with the amazing support from Ms Maria.

We have also welcomed a new classmate: Samuel, from Finland. Friendly and curious, Samuel has been settling in easily.

This term’s IPC topic has been fascinating! We’ve been learning about natural disasters, especially volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. The children have been honing their research skills and inquisitive thinking. What would happen if you get too close to lava? Do underwater volcanoes erupt? What was the strongest earthquake ever? What was the highest tsunami? 

Alice’s mom, Francesca, came over and told us about the most famous volcano eruption in history: Pompeii in 79AD. It was fantastic to learn from her, she’s an archaeologist and she’s from Italy!  

Ms Maija shared her experience with an earthquake in New Zealand in 2011 and taught the children what they should do if they are...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

Let's Pretend - puppets, fairy-tales, the wizard of Oz and more!

Hello everyone, what a great time we have had in upper pre- primary over the past two months! First of all a very warm welcome to Esmé Jade, Aarav, Fernando and Kasper who have joined our class.The children, Miss Nadia and I have had lots of fun with our ‘Let’s Pretend’ unit. It has been so nice to see the children using their imagination and being creative. As you saw from the photographs hanging outside our class, we had a super ‘entry point’. The children dressed as characters from their chosen book and then had to tell about their book to the rest of the group. They all did a great job and practised good listening skills while each child was talking.

Throughout the unit the children could choose to play in the puppet corner with the puppets they made and with the lovely puppets that Esmé Jade, Lenny-Jean and Vincent brought to school (thank you!). They also had fun telling the story of the Wizard of Oz with they stick puppets they made. They had so much fun playing in the ‘let’s pretend’ home area, taking on different roles-princesses, kings,queens, police, firemen, Mums, Dads and...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary

January and February in Middle Pre-Primary

First of all, welcome back from the holiday break!  It has been a while since the last blog, and of course there is much to catch up on in the Middle Pre-Primary classroom.  We were so excited to welcome five new friends into our classroom – Matthew, Shreeya, Srinithi, Maali, and Rayaan.  The children wondered what their new friends would be like.  What countries to do they come from?  What languages do they speak?  Will they speak English?  How do they spell their names?  Our new friends have brought much energy and joy into our space and we are so happy that they’re here.  Welcome to ISG!

We also welcomed lovely Miss Aurora into MPP.  She came all the way from Finland and was such a sweet, warm presence in our classroom.  She has moved up the stairs and is now helping Miss Erica’s Year 1 classroom, and we are happy that we still get to say hi to her often on the playground!  Our very own Miss Marta is back with us these days and we couldn’t be happier to have her in the classroom.  Her fun-loving energy, never-ending patience, and colourful creativity make MPP a more joyful place.  Welcome back, Miss Marta! 

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Upper-Primary, Year 5/6

There is no planet B!

Upper Primary pupils are learning and experiencing many things during the new IPC unit “Weather and climate”. One of the most impressive events was when they participated in a climate march here in Ghent. Pupils didn’t know what to expect and before the march some of them were excited and a bit nervous, but afterwards they were amazed and shared how it felt to come together with lots of other people for a cause. After the march, they tried to capture their emotions in a personal drawing – and their drawings reflect so many aspects of the climate march. They show how it felt slowly moving through the city together with 3000 other people. They show lots of banners and posters, instruments and rhythms. They show people shouting slogans in Dutch and English. Pupils were happy, but exhausted, when they returned to school.

During IPC lessons, pupils for example learn correct scientific and geographic vocabulary to describe and interpret their surroundings. During Assembly, Upper Primary pupils shared facts about clouds and how cloud names themselves give us lots of information about how high up the sky they are and what type...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

Lots of learning with a spring feeling

Dear parents,

First of all. we would like to give a very warm welcome to the new pupils in Year 2, Gabriela, Natalia and Joshua, who have settled into school life at ISG very well. It was lovely to see the other children taking them under their wings.

It has been a very busy time in our classroom with so much new learning going on.

The children have been getting so much out of our IPC unit ‘Active Planet’. They have been learning all about natural disasters and the disastrous effects they can have on society. In pairs the children researched and made posters on their chosen volcano, it was lovely to see them working so well together. Learning about Tectonic Plates can be tricky, so the children learnt a song and a dance about how the plates move and the different plate names. They shared their learning and performed their song & dance at assembly and they were brilliant!
We also located the Ring of Fire and the Tectonic Plates on a world map and the children are now aware of the main areas of activity.

In groups the children made their own Earthquake Proof Buildings and they put them to...Read the full article