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Upper Pre-Primary - Mr Michael

First weeks of school!!!

We had an exciting start to the new school year with new friends and a new classroom. The pupils were curious to see their new classroom and to try all the different pedagogical material. The first two weeks we focused on getting to know each other and our new routines. The pupils were introduced to their weekly classroom responsibilities, such as table monitoring or snack box tasks. The first week we did some fun team building games outside with our parallel upper pre-primary class (Miss Mia’s class). The children really enjoyed the ‘Parachute’ and the ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’ games.

Our first sport lesson with Mr Francis was exciting and fun. He showed them some fun new games and the routines of the sports hall.

The new pupils were welcomed at the first assembly of the year. They got a welcome diploma and we all got to sing songs and meet our lovely music teacher Ms Sterre.

There have already been four birthday celebrations in class. It's been great fun for all of us and especially for the children who had their birthday this month. The birthday pupils got to make a nice crown to wear on their special...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Mia

Welcome back to school!

What a wonderful start to the new school year we have had in upper pre-primary. The children are becoming a real little family! They are enjoying working and playing together and are all eager to learn. During these first few weeks the children have been getting to know their new class and new classroom routines. The children have learnt our first personal value ‘respect’. They are learning to take care of toys and other classroom material and to respect each other and the people around them.

We began the school year by doing some lovely activities with the other upper pre-primary class (Mr. Michael’s class). We played games in the garden and had a fun trip to a playground near the school.

Already this year we have done a small study on owls. The children have learnt facts about owls, made a lovely owl craft, coloured owls, learnt a poem about an owl but the most exciting part of our study was dissecting a real owl pellet. The children were like scientists as they discovered the feathers and bones in the pellet. Don’t forget to ask your child more about this!

Our first IPC...Read the full article

Middle Primary - Ms Rebecca

It's all about the generations!!!

Dear families, 

A heart-warming welcome back to our class blog and a big welcome to our new students, Daniela from Spain and Louise from Belgium. We are all very excited to be in Middle Primary where our first week was dedicated to sharing all about our summer experiences and getting to know each other. And to take this a step further we had a fun afternoon in the park with all of primary where we did some team building activities.

Our numeracy programme got under way successfully with the children refreshing their numeracy skills and learning more: we have focused on multiplication, number lines, clock work and 3D shapes. We are also continuing with our math fact test every Monday and this is a wonderful way to ensure the children remember the number facts.

In grammar the year 3’s and 4’s have been learning how to use the past, present and future tenses correctly. We have been revising pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs and nouns.

Our first writing task was a recount on the summer holidays where the children had to ensure that they followed the instructions to punctuate, paragraph, use...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Jenny

Unique individuals! We are all different in Upper Primary!

Upper Primary pupils have spent the first weeks of school getting to know each other and the classroom routines. There are 16 pupils in Upper Primary this year – and we say a special welcome to our new ISG pupils, Guilia from Italy, Yaroslav from Russia, Fiona from the USA and Sofia from Australia! It is a lovely group of pupils – all 16 together - and pupils have already made new friends!

The Personal Value celebrated this month is Respect. Upper Primary pupils have also discussed what behaviour we find respectful in the classroom. Pupils wrote down their own classroom rules and made posters to put on display, to help remember what they all have agreed upon. They have drawn a self-portrait and expressed their personalities by sharing their favourite hobbies and things they like. It is important that all pupils feel that their different personalities are respected. They now learn about what type of games and activities they can play or do outside during break time – come rain or shine - to make sure everyone feels okay!

Pupils in Upper Primary can follow either a Bilingual...Read the full article

Ahoy Mateys! Enjoying the Treasure Unit in Middle Pre-Primary

The last two months my life changed totally. I had the honor to be the teacher of MPP class. Thanks to Miss Sophie, Miss Marta and the children, I adapted easily and I received so much love and support. A big big thank you to Miss Sophie, who helped me a lot and gave me all the appropriate notes for your children!

Our treasure hunt was the most interesting way to start our unit about “Treasure”.  The children participated with full enthusiasm! First, we explained how we use a treasure map, what piracy is, what pirates are doing, and what treasure and treasure chests are. We all became pirates and painted our faces. It was so enjoyable and we went on a journey with our imaginations! The children followed their maps, answered questions that they found inside of tiny little bottles, and looked forward to finding the treasure chest with all the valuable items. The end of this story was so cheerful, as the children found a pirate flag and treasure chest. They were so excited! One team, one goal!

The children were inspired and most of them decided to create their own pirate stories, pirate ships, and paper bag puppets....Read the full article