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Middle Primary, Year 2

Learning is Fun!

Dear families, 

We have been very busy in Year 2 with a lot of fun learning going on.

For our Exit point of 'Feel the Force' Year 2 did a small oral revision of the forces that are combined when a volcanic eruption takes place. They got to draw their own maps of the “Ring of Fire” where most earthquakes and the biggest volcanoes exist. In the end, they had the opportunity to create their own volcanoes and make a volcanic eruption in the classroom using materials we all have at home! Such fun!

In our IPC project ‘Bake it’ Year 2 learned about gases, solids and liquids, and changes of state. We looked closely at yeast and through experiments found out how yeast breaths, which is called anaerobic respiration, as yeast breaths without oxygen. But if sugar is added to yeast in water, it will produce oxygen!! We learnt the story of bread and how in some countries it is the staple of a diet. We made our own bread, and the children learnt that there are many different types of bread and some of which are very tasty and healthy!!!
Exit Point – lava lamps. The main idea was for the children to learn about the...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary

Plants and Flowers!

Our Plants and Flowers unit has been a great success! So much fun and so much learning! We started off with a lovely entry point – a visit to the flower market in Ghent. The children chose a selection of flowers to bring back to the classroom to further investigate and explore. Back at school the children smelled the flowers, learnt their names and drew them! This was a great starting point to the learning that followed. The children learnt about the parts of a plant – flower, stem, leaf and roots and their functions. The also learnt about the needs of a plant – water, sun and air. They planted different kinds of seeds and took care of the plants in our classroom including our herb garden. We created a garden in our classroom which the children called our ‘peaceful garden’. Here they played with the ducks in the pond and chatted to their friends. It was also a favourite place to read! Alongside this area we also created a ‘science lab’, where the children investigated different things from nature and experimented with seeds. The children were very active in their learning and brought many...Read the full article

Middle Pre-Primary


Welcome back to the Middle Pre-Primary blog!


We have been super busy since returning from the winter break! First, we would like to welcome Julia and Teya to our class, you have settled in so well to our class and we love that you are now part of our MPP family! We have also been lucky to welcome Miss Laia to our class, she will be helping in the classroom and we look forward to having lots of fun together!

We have been learning all about our new IPC unit, ‘shopping’! For our Entry Point we of course went shopping. We decided that we would make banana pancakes, first we made our shopping list. Next, we went on a trip to the shop, we bought the ingredients, came back to school, prepared the ingredients for our pancakes and then we ate them. They we delicious!

Then we got to work on making our shop, we chose to open our very own bakery called ‘the cupcake makers’! We decorated the inside with cupcake wall paper and the outside with some lovely, colourful stripes. We also made a big sign with our bakery name so that everyone knew who we were and what we sold! We had...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary

Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping you and me

Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping you and me


First I would like to give a warm welcome to our new friend Alexander who joined our class in the beginning of january. Alexander we are very happy to have you here in LPP. I’m glad that you are already doing so great and have so much fun at school.

Welcome back also to Aura and Anan, who have been visiting their homecountries for some while. We are happy to have you back here at ISG.

A warm welcome also to Monica, an erasmus intern from Barcelona, who will be assisting in LLP for 3 months. She is a great help and the children like her a lot!


The last weeks have been very exciting, because we have been learning a lot of things about shopping, had a little shop in our class and even went shopping to the bakery.

For our ‘entry point’ we had a very exciting shopping and pizza baking day:

  1. We made a shopping list with all the ingredients that we needed for our pizza.
  2. We went shopping to Miss Brigitte’s shop
  3. ...Read the full article

IPC Buildings Entry Point, Lower-Primary, Year 1

Can we build it????

Welcome to Lower Primary Blog!

Since our last blog we have been very busy with our new IPC project: “Buildings”

Our project is all about discovering how buildings are made, what kind of materials are used and traveling around the world discovering the most impressive buildings!

As our Entry Point, the class designed a house. They took into consideration the essential rooms a house must have, the size of the room and the organization of their plan. Later on they built houses using only cardboard boxes, paper and glue. They tried to follow their plans as much as they could, but they also realized somethings were impossible to build and as part of their learning they adjusted their plans. The children are very proud of their houses.

Discovering the most amazing buildings around the world we have been so far in India, Mali, Germany, Egypt and Spain. The class has a special booklet where they record all their findings about these special constructions. The children record on their booklet the name of the building, when was it built, materials that were used to make it and special features of the building...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Year 2

May the force be with you!

After the Christmas holidays, it was of course time to start up a new IPC-unit, 'Feel the force'. Pupils in year 2 have spent the last few weeks learning about forces. The Entry Point was a fun tug-of-war game in a local playground. Primary pupils had a great afternoon! They pulled and they pulled! And sometimes they fell... Now they know a lot about friction, magnetism and gravity. They have looked closer at compasses. They have tried to understand how magnets work. They have tested to see if it is true that some poles on magnets attract each other and that some repel each other. They have earned more about natural forces, like volcanoes. They have experimented. They have discussed. They have read texts and they have written down important information. A lot of learning have taken place in the classroom and out on the playground.

Year 2 pupils have promised the organising committee to help out during the Battle of the Scientists. They will be the Show Group, performing a dance in front of all the visitors during this important event here at ISG. They are excited about this, and are happy about the fact that they already...Read the full article